Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of July 21, 2023

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of July 21, 2023: The latest video will be shown earlier at the official website, Judy note, US Constitution hanging by a thread, NATO war escalating, AI deep fakes everywhere, CIA funds child sex trafficking cult run out of the Vatican, CIA still torturing children in Satan worshiping mind control. Cia Vatican control of global monetary system through child exploitation, more Biden coverups. $10 trillion in stocks finish as global financial crisis looms. Quantum system set up for banking, military, elections, and more. Iraq budget with new dynar rate implemented, climate change is guise for patented weather modification technology.

Amish reject Big Pharma, Emerge as healthiest people on earth. Doctors say vaccines are toxic, lethal, ineffective, and must be stopped. Game over. $10 trillion dollars worth stocks vanished. The Great American debt catastrophe and the imminent global currency reset. Warning. There were reports of some asking for you to hand over your foreign currencies and or ZIM bonds to them, saying they will exchange or redeem them for you. Do not give into this scam. Only the purchaser of the currency or bond can legally exchange or redeem that currency or bond at a redemption center for the higher rates.

Exceptions were that if you have given someone currency or bonds, along with a notarized first gift letter saying you have done so, or if you have given someone power of attorney over your affairs. The bottom line, if someone tried to turn in your currency or bonds without your authorization, they could be arrested. Visit the website, denarport. Com right away to learn more about finance, currency, and economic information. A, what we think we know as of Wednesday, July 19, 2023, on Tuesdays. 18th of July monies began flowing out of Zurich. Paymasters were given liquidity in Wales were beginning to be paid. On Wednesday, 19th of July, the Iraq budget with the new Dinar rate in it was implemented in Iraq.

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Tier 4B, us, the internet group, were likely looking at notification by Friday 21st of July or the weekend. On Sunday 23rd of July, all financial changes would be completed. Donald Trump was expected to return to his rightful place as the duly appointed US President and was believed to have made the decision to appoint JFK Jr. As his Vice President. The inauguration included a celebration where those in the World Protection Program would come out. The last week of July, US citizens would receive restoration allowances that paid them back illegal interest paid to the Cabal and SS payments would increase. Two s.

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25th of July I Was Queen Diana’s coronation date according to JFK Jr. August 2023, exposure, arrests of major satanic child sacrifice, pedophile groups on twos. 29th of August, the new quantum financial system will be official and made public. Medbed appointments could be made sometime soon. Sometime soon, the Supreme Court would announce their decision to reverse the 2020 election because of election fraud. When Trump’s presidency ended, JFK Jr. Would come in as President, and Trump would be elevated to global financial ambassador to make the Jeze era changes around the globe, according to Bruce. Fall 2023, massive protests and riots were forecasted to shake Canada’s core, ushering in a winter of discontent in the latter part of 2023 and early 2024.

When Trump’s presidency ended, JFK Jr. Would come in as US President, and Trump would be elevated to global financial ambassador to be in charge of the Jezeera changes around the globe. 2026 US Public Tribunals slated for 2026 would coincide with Canadian Tribunals and World Tribunals that would connect everything from deep state human trafficking, to world pandemic deep state operations to creation of the virus. B, the Quantum Financial System’s Global currency Revaluation Wednesday, 19th of July. Everything is ready. Whales are getting ready.

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The notifications were supposed to come out last night, my night, and hopefully it might be later on today. The 4 B group is looking like it might be the weekend. Pnc call. Contacts are saying the rate change could happen tonight or tomorrow, but it’s a holiday in Iraq today and tomorrow, so Tony doesn’t expect it until Friday after 4 PM Eastern. He was told later on.

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