The Untried and the Dead: David Axelrod

As reported in April 2022, U.S. Marines under Gen. Berger’s command apprehended former Obama strategist David Axelrod near his Chicago condominium. At the time, we had no details on the charges against him or what punishment he might face. A source at Guantanamo Bay recently pulled Axelrod’s file and shared information on what led to his arrest and his final fate.

The military had opened an investigation on Axelrod in February 2022, after receiving tips suggesting that his role as Obama’s political strategist was a pretextual and convenient cover for the depraved duty he performed: selecting underage boys for Obama to sexually molest.

According to our source, the military’s evidence included a video of Axelrod offering underage boys the opportunity to personally meet and dine with Barack Hussein Obama at the White House. Obama’s prey, he said, were among the forgotten–teenage runaways, street addicts, children pulled from orphanages and foster homes.

“Obama fancies boys ages 13-16, and Axelrod made sure he got them,” our source said.

No boy, though, ever saw the inside of the White House.

Obama felt so untouchable that he had the audacity to brazenly have a group of boys form a line that stretched from the doorstep of his D.C. townhouse to the sidewalk, with Secret Service and D.C. Metropolitan police officers ensuring that the children remained orderly and quiet. Axelrod then pointed out which boys he felt might best satisfy Obama’s dark urges.

“Ever play dodgeball in gym class, the picking of the teams, the dorkiest kids never getting picked for either team? Obama typically picked thin, Caucasian males. He’d bring five, six, or seven in his house at one time, and the cops and the fu***** feds knew all about it and covered for him, just like the media,” our source said.

Sometimes Michelle Obama, also known as Michael Robinson, stood in the shadow of the doorway and whispered in Obama’s ear as he made his selection.

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The boys that made the cut went behind closed doors with the Obamas; the others left with Axelrod. In either case, they were never seen or heard from again.

“We know this picking process took place three times. JAG had enough evidence to charge, indict, and try Axelrod,” our source said.

From the moment of his arrest, though, Axelrod was quiet as dust, and during interrogations at a holding facility in Florida, he answered all questions with a sinister, condescending smirk.

He uttered his first words on board his ride to Guantanamo Bay, a Cessna 441 Conquest whose occupants included a shackled-to-a-seat Axelrod, the pilot, and four U.S. Army Military Police officers. As the turboprop soared at 4,500’ toward Cuba, Axelrod asked one of the MPs whether he had a teenage boy who fantasized about other men, older men, and the ways those men might use him. The MP said he had no children and told Axelrod to shut his mouth, or he’d shut it for him. A second MP, however, apparently had a teenage son, telling Axelrod his offspring was beyond the reach of perverted pedophiles and sadistic, satanic savages.

“We could have your son if we wanted. He’d like your son, I’m sure. You think we can’t find out who you are, who he is, even now? I promise we can,” Axelrod said, sneering at the MP.

The four MPs opened the cabin door before unchaining Axelrod and freefalling him into the water.

“Unless Axelrod sprouted wings, he’s gone. Even at that altitude, the velocity would be like hitting concrete. On the outside chance he survived the fall, it was 150 miles or more to swim to the Bahamas, Miami, or Havannah. Hopefully, sharks got a satisfying meal,” our source said.

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He would not discuss what consequences, if any, the MPs faced for hurling Axelrod from the plane.

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