Putin Destroys U.S. Weapons Meant for Zelenskyy

A Spetsnaz unit operating in Ukraine has destroyed a shipment of U.S. Stinger missiles the Biden regime had slated for the criminal Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who would have used the shoulder-fired, surface-to-air missiles to shoot down Russian planes and drones targeting Deep State assets in Eastern Europe, FSB agent Andrei Zakharov told Real Raw News.

On Tuesday, May 7, the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) listened to a telephone call between Ukraine Defense Minister Rustem Umierov and Colonel General Mykola Oleschuk, commander of Ukraine’s air force. Umierov told Oleschuk he had terrific news: Stingers—part of Biden’s recent $61 billion “war-aid” package—would arrive at Warsaw Chopin International Airport, Poland, via Germany on May 10, and a convoy from Ukraine’s 43rd Rocket Army would pick up and bring the cargo to Kyiv.

Zakharov said General Valery Gerasimov, Hero of the Russian Federation, authored plans to intercept and obliterate the “illegal” arms shipment once it entered Ukraine and to slaughter all enemy forces present.

“This is our sovereign right,” Zakharov said. “The filth Zelenskyy would use these weapons to stop our attacks on child traffickers and pedophiles, President Putin’s Special Military Operation. After Ukraine gets possession of Stingers, it is theirs. We are not destroying USA property.”

Zakharov said General Gerasimov correctly predicted the convoy’s route—it traveled south to Krakow and then due east to the Border crossing Korczowa—Krakovets. Twenty miles farther down the road, the Spetsnaz had set an ambush on the highway between the border station and Lviv. Meanwhile, a second team began tailing six KrAZ-6322 cargo trucks—each carrying 60 Stingers—the moment their wheels touched Ukrainian soil.

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At the intercept point, the Spetsnaz’ RPGs slammed into the lead and rear cargo trucks simultaneously, enveloping the crew compartments in expanding fireballs and clouds of inescapable shrapnel. Spetznas on either side of the road broke cover and hurled red canisters the size of soda cans into all six trucks. The canisters were white phosphorous grenades, hot enough to melt skin to the bone.

The Ukrainians guarding the Stingers stampeded from the trucks. Some had melted faces and scorched fabric fused to liquified muscle. Another had two cavities where his eyes used to be. He ran blindly into a phalanx of Kalashnikov fire.

The Spetsnaz, Zakharov said, cut down half of the opposition in less than a minute, at which point the 16 wounded survivors begged for mercy and surrendered, the highest-ranking officer pleading for the lives of his men and saying he was only following orders.

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But the Spetsnaz had their orders—no survivors.

“They killed every one of those filth,” Zakharov said, “and left their shredded corpse on the road for Zelenskyy to come clean up. After all were dead, our soldiers planted explosives and blew up all the trucks and the stingers. Nothing survived.”

In closing, he said Vladimir Putin will use every method at his disposal to keep U.S. arms out of Zelenskyy’s warmongering hands.

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