Nikki Brass Date With Gilgo Beach Murder Suspect Rex Heuermann On Tiktok

Do you know who is “Nikki Brass”? Nikki is a woman who claims that on TikTok she went on a creepy date with the Glico Beach crime suspect “Rex Heuermann.” So the people who don’t know who Rex Heuermann is. So Rex is a 59-year-old man. He is the father of two children. He was apprehended last week after some travel of evidence. Evidence includes some data from the cell phone tower sites. And some hairs were seen at the crime scene. And also the investigation branch also found an internet search history linked with some torture p8rn, state, and local detectives, and helped federal connect him to the Gligo Beach murder crime.

Nikki Brass’s Date With Gilgo Beach Murder Suspect

So first we should introduce Nikki Brass. So Nikki is a woman who was in her mis-30s at the time when she was severely slammed on the breaks at the time when she was referring to her date of Rex Heuermann. Rex has been accused in the case of killing some sex workers. He used to kill sex workers and then he used to leave their bodies to decay in the underbrush next to a bayfront highway on Long Island, New York. This is a very serious case. he is a bloody serial killer.

They both dated each other for a very long time. then after a long time when Nikki got to know about his crimes. She posted a video on her TikTok handle on Monday, she claimed that he freaking weirded her out. You can search her account as @your_recovery_stylist. She also shared an incident with him, where she refused to eat dessert and he became very angry with her and she got scared a lot from Rex.

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Nikki Brass is a 34-year-old woman. She joked to a source on Tuesday and said that she met Rex on one of the sketchy sites some years ago. They were first doing online dating. Nikki and others have kept their eyes on the Gligo Beach serial killer. Rex has almost killed four young sex workers who all were approx 20 years old or above then. One of the prosecutors claims that Rex always knew about a victim’s death at the time of their dates and it hasn’t been published till now. She claims that he has killed more than 4 people. But she dint know the exact number of victims.

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