Biden Comforts Hurricane Victims By Talking About Time The Urinal Splashed Back At Him A Little

In the wake of Hurricane Idalia making landfall in Florida, President Joe Biden offered suffering victims in the Sunshine State comfort by telling them about the time he was in the bathroom and the urinal splashed back on him a little bit.

“I’ve been in the same situation, folks,” Biden said as he made remarks to the media regarding ongoing disaster relief efforts in Hawaii and Florida. “These hurricanes and storms flooding everything remind me of my own challenges. There was this one time, at a state dinner with the Pope, and I had to go see a man about a mule, so I go to the ladies’ room, but they kick me out, so I go to the men’s room, and I’m doing my thing there at the…at the…at the…the urinal…and it…and it…splashed back on me a little bit. My own urine. Can you believe that? Awful day. Anyway…”

Media outlets hailed the president’s story and how it relates to the plight Florida residents now face after having their homes and places of business flooded. “Such an inspirational tale,” said CNN’s Dana Bash. “For President Biden to show devastated Floridians that he’s been where they are and felt what they’re feeling…it’s awe-inspiring.”

At publishing time, White House insiders reported relief among the communications team that it’s likely many Florida residents were unable to hear the president’s comments due to widespread power outages and being preoccupied with trying to salvage whatever may be left of their lives and belongings.

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