Ukraine Caught FAKING War Footage: Woman Filmed Carrying Slabs of Concrete After ‘Russian Attack’

Ukrainian military personnel were caught on camera staging war footage during the aftermath of an alleged ‘Russian’ attack on Spaso-Preobrazhenskiy Cathedral – Ukraine’s largest Orthodox church. Ukrainian officials claim Russia fired a missile at the church while the Kremlin has suggested a Ukrainian air defense missile failed and landed on the building.

A viral video showing the cleanup efforts of civilians and emergency responders on the scene shows a woman lifting a huge chunk of what appears to be concrete with just one hand. reports: A keen-eyed TikTok user explained most people have had to pick up a chunk of concrete before and that anyone could see the woman is carrying something other than heavy building materials.

“If just witnessing something like that just once in your life doesn’t make you start questioning absolutely everything you see on T.V., then there’s no hope for you,” the TikToker told his followers.

After reviewing the original news clip, which is still up on the Sky News YouTube channel, Infowars can confirm the strange occurrence was in fact aired by the outlet.

In the video, a pair of women can be seen picking up rubble with one lady carrying five huge pieces of concrete with one hand and another two pieces in her other hand.


Perhaps instead of chasing down and capturing unsuspecting Ukrainian men from the streets and forcing them to fight in the front lines of the war with Russia, the Ukrainians should enlist some of these super-strength women!

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Now, it’s unclear as to what materials the woman was grabbing or why the scene would need to be staged in the first place.

The whole attack on the church stinks of misinformation as the Ukrainian government has recently criticized the nation’s Orthodox Church as being aligned with Russia and has strictly cracked down on church officials and parishioners across the country.

Ukrainian puppet President Volodymyr Zelensky’s regime even went as far as canceling Orthodox Christmas this year.

So, why would Russia attack a group currently feuding with the Zelensky administration and allegedly supporting Russian war efforts?

It’s also worth noting the entire Western media establishment has provided extensive coverage of the attack and emphasized the one person who tragically passed away during the bombardment, blaming it on Russia without total proof.

Meanwhile, mainstream outlets hardly cover the thousands of Ukrainian civilians killed and maimed by illegal shelling and pedal mines lobbed and laid by Zelensky’s corrupt military.

Just last week, the Ukrainians killed a civilian couple driving on a bridge connecting Crimea to Russia, leaving their young daughter parentless, and killed a fourteen-year-old girl in a drone strike on a civilian building.

American media was forced to admit the bridge attack killed two civilians after the Ukrainian military publicly took credit for the bombing, but failed to acknowledge it was a war crime or to criticize the assault as they do Russian strikes.

However, no American media outlets covered Ukraine’s killing of the teenager.

The attacks on Crimea are similar to the eight years of attacks on civilian infrastructure in the Donbas region when Ukraine used its corrupt method of trying to take back areas it used to control by force.

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Of course, this policy only makes the people living in the areas stand more firmly against the Ukrainian government and military.

On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the West of turning a blind eye to the terrorist attacks committed by Ukraine inside Russian territories.

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