Solana meme coins TREMP, BODEN rise after Donald Trump’s pro-crypto stance

  • Solana-based meme coins TREMP and BODEN post nearly 125% and 7% gains on Thursday. 
  • Former US President Donald Trump says his campaign will likely accept crypto donations. 
  • Trump’s pro-crypto stance is likely catalyzing gains in the Solana-based meme coin TREMP, pushing it to $0.7440. 

A Solana-based meme coin Doland Tremp (TREMP) posted over 100% gains on Thursday, before pulling back to $0.6750. The price rally likely occurred after former US President Trump asked pro-crypto voters to vote for him and said his presidential campaign will accept crypto donations.

TREMP and BODEN soar ahead of US elections

US elections have shifted market participants’ focus to Solana-based meme coins Doland Tremp (TREMP) and Jeo Boden (BODEN), two meme coins inspired by the names of the two candidates. The rally happened after several videos of Donald Trump were posted by Frank Degods, an NFT creator and crypto proponent.

Trump is quoted as saying:

If you can’t, I’ll make sure you can. Can we donate to the Trump campaign using crypto? I believe the answer is yes.

The former US President said that President Joe Biden “doesn’t know” what cryptocurrency is and called crypto market participants to vote for him. “If you like crypto in any form, and it comes in a lot of different forms, if you are in favor of crypto, you better vote for Trump,” he said.

TREMP price is $0.7056 at the time of writing, up over 124% in a day. BODEN price is up 7% on Thursday. TREMP surged to a peak of $0.7440 on Thursday as market participants responded to the former US President’s pro-crypto stance.

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