Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of august 12, 2023

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of august 12, 2023: The latest video will be shown earlier at the official website,  Judy Note, on Wednesday ninth of August, the CIA executed Ecuador presidential candidate Fernando Viscensio. While around the same time in Utah, the FBI killed 75-year-old Craig Robertson at his home for speaking out against Joe Biden on Facebook.

The FBI SWAT Team Raid on Robertson was much like the IRS SWAT Team Raids on Ken and Barbie Cromar when the IRS took possession of their fully paid-for-home and threw away all their possessions even after they had proven in a federal tax court that they owed no monies to the IRS. On the Night of Memorial Day, May 30th 2023, a satanic holiday. 22 Delta Force operatives interrupted an attempted child sacrifice in a Cash Valley, Utah Canyon. A baby was saved and 48 perpetrators were detained, among of whom was a local district court judge and the Cash County Sheriff. The County Sheriff was released without explanation.

Why? Did he have protection from a higher-up in the legal chain? Former Utah County Attorney David Leavitt most certainly had help after satanic ritual abuse charges were again about to be filed against him. Leavet was allowed to leave town and was now residing in a castle overseas. Leavet also helped organize the IRS SWAT Team Raid against the CrowMars. Breaking IRA report. Why did Homeland Security protect David Leavet? Did the Cash County Sheriff and Utah County Attorney David Leavitt have the same protection as did Ray Epps on January sixth.

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Epps made himself the center of the January sixth riot at the Capitol and even claimed that he orchestrated it. During the years since Epps has been hailed and protected by the media as the victim of the witch hunt until now, three years later, when he was finally arrested by the White Hats. Yet Jacob Chanzley, who did nothing to create a January sixth riot as Epps did, received a sentence of 41 months. Stuart Rhodes, the founder of Oathkeepers, was sentenced to 18 years for his alleged involvement in January sixth. Yet, there was no video of him inciting anyone to action. But there was said to be one video for EPPs, except they found that all evidence of January sixth had been destroyed when Trump subpoenaed for it. We’ve got what seems like an actual insurrectionist on tape,

Wacth full video click here

but they don’t want to talk about it and they definitely don’t want you to talk about it or ask any questions, says Tucker Carlson. None of this even compares to the horror-loving parents went through when the Idaho police kidnapped their baby, Cyrus, for no justified legal or medical reason. Doj rips baby from loving parents and arrests them without cause. Or the recent death and destruction endured by Hawaii citizens from fires that were now believed deliberately set by the deep state. By the way, all this was not even mentioning the Raids on a no legal reason for indictments filed against President Trump.

Do you think it’s about time to instigate global martial law for the sake of us common people? Thursday 10th of August, Q Anon News, Philzintel Bulletin. A military coup begins. Us financial system collapse imminent, Federal Reserve closed, central banks around the world closing. Q Anon News, Philzintel, Bulletin. A military coup begins. Operation Child Rescue Unleashed by military and police wide hats. #breaking. Operation Child Rescue Unleashed. Military and police wide hats go into overdrive. Thursday, on Wednesday 10th of August, everyone needs to pay attention to this. State of control alert message 2023 to 2024. Everyone needs to pay attention to this. State of control alert message 2023 to 2024.

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Thursday 10th of August CIA threat list names 8 million Americans who will be detained or executed when martial law is imposed. On Wednesday 10th of August, a 75-year-old Utah man who could barely walk was killed by the FBI for speaking out against Joe Biden. The initial news reports yesterday said the FBI killed Craig Robertson while attempting to serve a warrant. A video taken by a neighbor shows the way they attempted to serve the warrant.

Apparently, they didn’t knock on the door and just rushed in and shot him. No sound is heard on the video until the gunshot. Apparently knocking on the door during the day is not something they do in 2023 America anymore. The final showdown. The deep state’s death sets the world ablaze. Brace for impact. Leaked messages suggest that.

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