Proceedings adjourned for the day after initial jury deliberations in Trump’s criminal trial

The jury in the historic criminal trial of former US President Donald Trump adjourned for the day after initial deliberations on Wednesday, to decide whether to convict the former US President.
The 12 jurors, whose identities have been kept confidential for their protection, spent nearly five hours in a separate room before the judge adjourned the proceedings for the day, set to continue on Thursday, according to an AFP report.
Prior to being released, the jury requested to review the testimony of two witnesses and to hear the judge’s instructions on interpreting the law once more. The spotlight now falls squarely on these 12 New Yorkers, following weeks of testimony from over 20 witnesses. Judge Juan Merchan reminded the jurors, “You must set aside any personal opinions you have in favor or against the defendant.”
The outcome of this trial could have significant implications for the upcoming November election, in which Trump is seeking to regain the presidency.

Trump faces accusations of falsifying business records to conceal a $130,000 payment made to adult film star Stormy Daniels, allegedly to prevent her from disclosing an alleged sexual encounter that could have jeopardized his 2016 presidential campaign. Prosecutors argue that the fraud was driven by a scheme to withhold information from voters about his conduct. If found guilty, the political consequences for Trump would be far more significant than the severity of the charges, as he would become a convicted criminal just five months before the presidential election on November 5.
The judge instructed Trump to remain in the courthouse while the verdict is pending. In response, Trump stepped outside the courtroom to deliver an angry statement to reporters, calling the situation “very disgraceful” and claiming that “Mother Teresa could not beat these charges.”

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