Pretend Scientist Announces Belief In Pretend Genders

The pretend gender community is celebrating a huge step toward pushing their false ideology closer to the mainstream after pretend scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson posted a video professing his belief in their world of pretend genders.

“The science is settled on the ever-fluid, ever-fluctuating state of gender,” said the pseudoscientist in a video while speaking of the unscientific ideology sweeping through society. “And I’ll eat my neck telescope thingy if anyone proves my science wrong. Which it is not.”

The fake scientist then swung his stethoscope in his hand and stared into the screen condescendingly.

The video affirming his belief in pretend unscientific things being not pretend or unscientific received praise from a cohort of other pretend scientists such as Bill Nye and Anthony Fauci.

“You know Mr. deGrasse Tyson is exactly right about this gender craze being perfectly scientific,” said Dr. Fauci to a mom blogger half-interested in what he had to say. “Also, will my interview be televised on, say, NBC or whatnot?”

Bill Nye could not be reached for comment as he had tied himself into a pretzel trying to explain that there was no such thing as natural immunity to the COVID-19 virus.

At publishing time a mob of trans activists had burned down Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Manhattan home because his video had blatantly ignored the plight of demon-unicorn-treeselfs.

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