Hillary Clinton: “It’s Time To Kick Trump Out of America”

Hillary Clinton has called for Donald Trump to be deported and permanently banned from the United States in order to prevent him from becoming President. During an appearance on the Rachel Maddow show on MSNBC, Clinton was asked if she felt “satisfaction” that Trump keeps being indicted.

Hillary responded that the indictments represent a “terrible moment” for America, adding “The only satisfaction may be that the system is working.”

“All of the efforts by Donald Trump, his allies, and his enablers to try to silence the truth, to try to undermine democracy have been brought into the light and justice is being pursued,” Hillary warned.

“We don’t know yet what the charges coming out of Georgia are. But if you stop and think about what the public evidence is, and you’ve been talking about some of that for the last hour, he set out to defraud the United States of America and the citizens of our nation,” Clinton added.

“He used tactics of harassment, intimidation. He made threats. He and his allies went after state officials, local officials responsible for conducting elections. Now we know they even went into voting machines in order to determine whether or not those voting machines had somehow been breached when they were the ones actually doing the breaching.” reports: Of course, none of these claims are verified, and are all denied by Trump.

Hillary also moaned that no one is watching MSNBC, and instead choose to find out what’s going on for themselves.

“I think it is true that a lot of people in our country don’t even know what he’s done. And part of that is they don’t get their news from MSNBC,” Clinton whined, adding “They get their news from social media, if they get any news at all.”

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The pair then fantasied about kicking Trump out of the country permanently, claiming that Trump keeps saying “how much he hates America.”

“He said last week and in an apparently unscripted moment that he would much prefer to live in France than to live in the United States,” Maddow stated.

“That can be arranged,” Clinton sniped.

“I don’t know if France would take him, maybe Belarus?” Maddow sneered.


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