CNN Ridiculed After Posting Guide For Speaking To People Who Identify as a ‘Leaf’ or ‘Star’ Daily Report NEWS

CNN has published a 2,000 word essay on the use and history of “neopronouns” on Saturday, including guidance regarding how to address a person who refers to themselves as a “leaf” or a “star.” In the article titled “A guide to neopronouns from ae to ze,” an expert on “neopronouns”

and their history and professor of English and Linguistics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign told the outlet that “refusing to let people self-identify is a way of excluding them.”

“People like to have a say in how they’re identified,” he added.

Playing to its far-left progressive audience, CNN explained what a pronoun is and how they are used daily. The article’s author explained how “neopronouns” are most often “used by nonbinary, transgender, and gender nonconforming people because they offer more freedom of identity.”

CNN even encouraged their audience to study and learn the new grammar, providing a comprehensive (and confusing) guide on how to use “neopronouns” in a sentence.

CNN posted the article on Twitter X and at the time of writing the post has over 1.4 million views only 511 likes, over 4,000 comments, and over 750 quote tweets, with the vast majority making fun of the outlet.

Christina Buttons wrote, “Is this a serious news outlet for serious journalists or an activist rag?”

Journalist Mia Ashton noted the use of “leaf” pronouns and said, “I like the nounself pronouns towards the end. Leaf/leafself, star/starself.” She added sarcastically, “This is certainly indicative of a totally normal community without any mental health issues whatsoever.”

At the end, the outlet introduced “nounself” neopronouns, and quoted linguist Ehm Hjorth Miltersen, who notes that the words sound “silly” or “make it harder for transgender and nonbinary people to be taken seriously.”

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So according to CNN, if you want to be a star you can just tell people to use “star” or “starself” pronoun, because as Baron told the outlet, “Like it or not, lots of new words pop up every day.”

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