Tucker Carlson Spills Beans on Entire Biden Family in New Biography

Tucker Carlson has spilled the beans on Democrat President Joe Biden and his entire Biden family in the star news anchor’s new biography. Carlson’s new biography, “Tucker,” written by Chadwick Moore, is set for release on August 1. Most don’t know that Hunter Biden’s ex-wife and Carlson’s wife are close friends.

Close enough that the families have vacationed together.

Carlson said: “Look at Hunter, no matter what you now think of him or the family as public figures, the guy really hurt his daughters and his wonderful wife, totally wrecked her life, humiliated his father, whom he really loves.

“That’s real. And his dad really loves him.

“He hurt all these people, hurt himself, degraded himself.

“Jill Biden – excuse me, Dr. Jill – was a nasty person.

“Famously small-minded and dumb.

“If Dr. Jill didn’t want to go on foreign trips, Kathleen would go, just to be a good daughter-in-law.

“The family was very clannish that way, which I admired.

“I like clannishness. They would think as a group.

“Not that there was very much depth to Joe Biden.

“He was famously stupid,” Carlson notes.

“Everyone always said he was stupid, and he’d say anything.

“So that hasn’t changed.

“He was always skin-deep, fake, and shallow, with the hair plugs, and face lifts, and the pat-you-on-the-back stuff.

“But he was always very friendly.

“I love Hunter’s wife, Kathleen, I thought she was so impressive.

“Kathleen was always setting aside her own interests and duties to be the dutiful daughter-in-law.

“Our wives are very close, they were running partners.

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“Hunter Biden was not liberal in any sense that I recognized.

“Biden has since become a trans activist and all that, but his family, they were pretty darn Catholic.

“They weren’t anti-gun at all.

“Hunter and Kathleen weren’t for abortion.

“They’re old Democratic Party, the white working-class Democratic Party, that does not exist anymore.

“Biden was about the last relic of that.”

Amazon says of the book:

For tens of millions of Americans, Tucker Carlson was long the only voice on cable news providing a counternarrative to establishment Washington and the mainstream press on the most important issues of our time: the Covid-19 vaccine, January 6th, the Ukraine war, even UFOs, just to name a few.

His ratings — the highest in cable news history — spoke for themselves. But if there remained any doubt as to the esteem in which Carlson is held, not just by conservatives, but by all who feel alienated by our imperious and self-serving ruling class, it was evident in the outpouring of grief and anger that came with his abrupt firing from Fox News.

Who is Tucker Carlson off camera? How did his upbringing contribute to who he is today?

What motivates the man who has been (and will surely reemerge) as the most influential and, in the establishment’s eyes, the most dangerous voice in American politics and culture?

Author Chadwick Moore was granted unprecedented access to Carlson’s professional and personal life.

Based on hundreds of hours of interviews with Carlson, his family, colleagues, acquaintances, and enemies, Tucker offers an inside look into one of the most beloved — and polarizing — media figures of our time.

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