Trump Calls Republican Senator ‘Loser Terrorist’

It has been noted that Willard “Mitt” Romney has long been a thorn in the side of former President Donald Trump. The 2012 failed Republican presidential candidate has been a vocal opponent of Trump and twice voted to convict the president during impeachment hearings.

Romney only was able to be elected Senator of the Republican-dominated state of Utah in 2019 thanks to then-president Trump’s endorsement. Now, however, Trump is taking the gloves off and refusing to re-endorse Senator Romney.

“Mitt’s a loser. He’s been a loser for a long time” declared Donald Trump to Breitbart News when pressed about Romney’s latest attempt to deny him the presidential candidacy of the Republican party. “He has no respect in the Republican Party.”

“He’s a terrible Republican. I think he’s terrible for the nation also. I saw him marching with the Antifa and the groups down in Washington with his mask on—you couldn’t even see his face. They were marching, and these were real terrorists—very bad people he was marching with. He didn’t even know the difference,” attacked Trump.

Trump also revealed his nickname for Romney and how Romney’s endorsements were poison pills for the candidates receiving that endorsement. “No, Mitt’s really—I think having him, I call him Kryptonite. If he endorses somebody, that person loses…I had a couple people I endorsed, they took a big lead, and then all of a sudden I saw their lead was gone. What happened? They associated them with Mitt Romney. Once they became disassociated, they went back up. But in those cases, they truly wanted to be disassociated. Mitt’s a loser,” said Trump.

He was asked about the upcoming Utah Senate election in 2024 and whether Romney will be re-elected, Trump shared his thoughts that Romney would not win and that a better candidate would win that race. “The right candidate will beat him…It’s a great state. The right candidate will beat him—I think beat him easily,” proffered Trump.

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The current Republican candidate for the Senate with a lot of buzz around him is the mayor of Riverton, Trent Staggs. Staggs spoke with the Federalist and said, “Conservatives nationwide understand how important it is to replace Mitt Romney with a real conservative … He’s disconnected from Utahns … I’m an America First candidate, and that’s what [Utahns] want.” Stagg attacked Romney for abandoning his voters and his promises. In contrast he vowed to maintain “accessibility and connection [with] constituents.”

Stagg said that Romney has not made serious pushback against the massive spending by the federal government. “We don’t have a revenue problem … We have a spending problem,” said Stagg.

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