Top New York Democrat Revolts, Deals Crushing Blow to Biden: ‘Our Community’s Trust and Good Faith Have Been Betrayed’

A top New York Democrat official said he will refuse additional resettlements of migrants after multiple arrests of illegal aliens over serious crimes. Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz spoke out after a second alleged sex assault involving a migrant occurred in Cheektowaga.

“Our community’s trust and good faith have been betrayed,” Poloncarz said.

“We were assured of the safety, security, and proper screening by New York City through DocGo.

“Clearly, that hasn’t been done. New York City needs to fix this.

“I demanded New York City Mayor Eric Adams pause all further transportation of asylum-seekers to our community until such time as we can resolve all security issues.

“He agreed and informed me they will not send any additional persons to Erie County at this time.

“We also discussed the need for a new and improved security plan.

“Two serious violent crimes are alleged to have occurred in the past two weeks and they are two too many,” said Poloncarz.

“100% of the blame is on Mark Poloncarz,” said Republican candidate for Erie County Executive Chrissy Casilio.

“There’s no other person to blame but him because he is the one that decided to put politics over the people of Erie County.

“And now this is what we get.”

Cheektowaga Chief of Police Brian Gould said:

“First off, I’m asking for the immediate discontinued use of the Best Western Hotel on Dingens Street.

“The hotel is located in a residential neighborhood and is not only causing safety concerts to nearby residents but also the quality of life issues.

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“I cannot add police presence in that neighborhood without taking it away from another neighborhood and that should not happen,” he added.

Legislator Frank Todaro said: “Today we learned a second migrant has been arrested on sex abuse charges.

“The 22-year-old man is charged with sex abuse and unlawful imprisonment for an incident involving a female employee of the very agency providing services to these migrants.

“This comes just days after a self-purported asylum seeker that was shipped here from NYC was charged with raping a woman in front of a 3-year-old child.

“In addition, we have learned others have been arrested on petit larceny charges.

“When does it end? The people of Cheektowaga never asked for this.

“They were never told ahead of time what the County Executive’s plans were with relocating hundreds of self-purported asylum seekers.

“Now Cheektowaga residents are bearing the brunt of a rise in crime, a feeling of being less safe, the impact of additional strains on police services, and the cost that will inevitably fall on taxpayers.

“Albany and New York City have not acted with my constituents’ best interests, and this needs to end.

“Clearly these migrants have not been properly vetted, a concern I have voiced since the beginning.

“Now the County Executive is worried for our residents? Where was he a month ago?

“Accusing us of being, in his words, ‘morally repugnant’ for wanting to put our residents first.

“It’s too late. The damage is done.

“These migrants need to be returned back to New York City immediately.”

According to WIBV4:

During a press conference Saturday morning, officials said Kindu Jeancy, an asylum seeker from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, was arrested Friday, after a 27-year-old Buffalo woman filed a complaint with the Cheektowaga Police Department around 4 p.m.

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Jeancy was charged with sexual abuse in the first degree and unlawful imprisonment following an investigation by the police department.

If convicted, he faces up to seven years in prison.

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