Top Intel Whistleblower Testifies He Knows ‘Exact Locations’ Where U.S Government Is Hiding UFOs

U.S. intelligence veteran David Grusch has given a sworn testimony before Congress and stated that the government is secretly hiding UFOs in its possession. Grusch testified before lawmakers on Capitol Hill that he is aware of the “exact locations” of where the U.S. government is covertly keeping UFOs, the popular term used to describe unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAPs).

When asked about UAPs, Grusch, an Air Force veteran and former member of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, said he knows the “exact locations” based on interviews of “over 40 witnesses over four years.”

Though Grusch declared that he was limited in what he could disclose publicly during the hearing, he stated that the locations have been provided to an inspector general.

He revealed that “some of which” has also been handed over to the congressional intelligence panels.

“I actually had the people with first-hand knowledge provide a protected disclosure to the inspector general,” Grusch added.


As Slay News reported, Grusch first went public last month with his whistleblower allegations about crafts of non-human origin being kept from Congress.

He gave his testimony to a House Oversight subcommittee on Wednesday.

The former intelligence official said he helped lead efforts to study UAPs for years but was denied access when he sought information about an alleged multi-decade retrieval and reverse-engineering program.

The two other witnesses at the hearing were a pair of former Navy pilots, retired Cmdr. David Fravor and Americans for Safe Aerospace executive director Ryan Graves.

Fravor and Graves have come forward with claims of mysterious flying objects that appear to defy the laws of physics.

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While many of the questions from lawmakers and answers from the witnesses focused on preserving national security, protecting pilots, and fighting for transparency, Grusch’s testimony mainly focused on what the government and its partners may be doing with UAPs.

Grusch testified that “biologics came with some of these recoveries.”

He added that the “assessment of people with direct knowledge of the program” who are still involved with the project is that these biologics are “non-human.”

Grusch also said the U.S. government has possessed evidence of non-human intelligence as far back as the 1930s.

Grusch disputed a statement made by Sean Kirkpatrick, head of the Department of Defense’s All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), which has been tasked with investigating UAPs.


During testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee in April, Kirkpatrick said, “AARO has found no credible evidence thus far of extraterrestrial activity, off-world technology, or objects that defy the known laws of physics.”

That statement is “not accurate,” Grusch claimed.

He explained that there has been overlap between individuals he debriefed and those who have come to AARO and that he has evaluated some of the information that has been brought to the office’s attention.

Grusch also said he has been retaliated against in a “brutal” fashion since coming forward, stating “it hurt me both professionally and personally.”

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He contended that he knows of other people who have been harmed or injured.

Asked if anyone has been murdered, Grusch said, “I have to be careful answering that question.

“I have directed people with that knowledge to the proper authorities.”

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