Top 5 Cryptos to Buy July 2023 | (BIG Potential)

Bitcoin and eth have been pumping for

the last few months but all coins are


you know what this means a big

opportunity is waiting we can buy great

alts at good prices and in a bull run

make awesome gains so these are the top

five cryptos I’m accumulating this month

before we get started let me remind you

that none of this is financial advice

I’m sharing my own personal strategy and

cryptos that I’m excited about make sure

you always do your own research and

consult a professional before making any

investment decisions and one final thing

I’m accumulating slowly over the next

eight to 12 months I am not going all in

on projects I talk about this month the

name of the game is slow and steady

accumulation in 2023. first up we have

prop chain a real world asset crypto

project the ticker is prop C

I’m very bullish on the real world asset

sector and prop chain is one of the top

projects in this space

blockchain is revolutionizing the real

estate industry by tokenizing property

making it easier for individuals to

invest in and benefit from Real Estate

assets full disclosure I am an early

investor in this one I’m invested in for

two years I locked myself in for two

years because I believe that this

project will pump in a bull run I think

the real world assets will be a massive

sector in the come important unlike a

lot of crypto where projects build

solutions for problems that don’t

actually exist real world assets is

actually a great use of blockchain tech

in the case of prop chain it’s for an

asset that everybody loves investing in

and the apy that you earn from prop

chain actually comes from the properties

themselves so it’s real yield so even

though I am already invested I am

accumulating more next on my list is gnd

which I mentioned pre-launch on Twitter

full disclosure I did invest in this one


if you manage to get in at 70 then you

will upper over atex at the Peak at the

moment this gem is down from its highs

making it a great buy at current price

plus it’s still up over 4X from when I

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first shared it with you guys gnd is

from the same team that brought us GMD

so they’re extremely capable and in my

opinion one of the best in defy

everything that they do is to benefit

the amazing ecosystem they’re building

each of their products complements the

other by ensuring long-term success and

sustainability which is one of the main

reasons why I’m bullish gnd protocol is

a D5 Beast it’s a concentrated liquidity

engine and farm that probably won’t mean

much to many of you but it essentially

generates a huge amount of fees from uni

swap which is then passed on to you in

the form of real yield the team do an

amazing job in simplifying this so all

you have to do is stake your tokens and

earn real yield which they pay out e the

APR is amazing it’s been above 60 and

you get paid out in eth the token is

non-inflationary with a fixed supply of

a hundred thousand which is a huge Plus

in my book gnd launched two months ago

and so far they’ve generated over 1.1

million dollars in fees these fees are

used to buy back the token and pay out

staking Rewards

the team are pumping out updates with

the biggest one yet being Geth which you

probably know as state teeth or liquid

staking derivatives which are a very hot

narrative right now geeth is predicted

to bring an additional eight figures of

TBL to the gnd ecosystem which will a

add a new Revenue stream to the project

and B generate even more Revenue without

adding any inflation or new token I know

that D5 can be daunting but do some

research because there’s a lot of great

opportunities out there

I’m an early investor in gnd but I’m not

partnered with them I just like the

project and the apy I’m accumulating

more this month before I share the next

three projects if you’re enjoying this

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more moving on we have GMX another

crypto that is down from its very recent

all-time high and at a good price per

taxes are a strong narrative and GMX is

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one of the strongest in this sector GMX

allows you to trade crypto with leverage

from your metamask wallet no centralized

exchange required as more regulation

comes to crypto we are going to see

Traders move from centralized exchanges

to decentralized and this is already

happening especially in the last month

with the SEC Crackdown on binance people

want to leverage trade without

restrictive regulation and the

government watching everything that they

do they also want to cut out the

middleman taking large fees the

centralized exchange on the other side

side as stake is like me who provide

liquidity for the leveraged Traders on

the decks for solid apy that is real

yield meaning the yield is paid in eth

not GMX no inflation

this is why I am bullish on GMX and I am

accumulating at these prices next we

have corium corium is a project that is

focusing on regulation and compliance

making it a magnet for web 2 companies

that are transitioning into web 3. orium

is an enterprise-grade blockchain

compliant with ISO

2022. what is that it’s like a universal

language that allows different Financial

systems around the world to understand

and communicate with each other

efficiently this has been adopted by

most of Europe and hundreds of countries

around the world look

this is boring stuff I know but

companies are boring the important thing

here is that they’re trying to bring

large web 2 companies into web3 they’re

complying with International standards

and working towards regulation that is

why I’m interested full disclosure

though I am partnered with Corian but

any project that I partner with is fully

researched vetted and I’m invested in

personally my opinion is not for sale

I’ve only partnered with corium because

I think the project is awesome and I was

already invested and of course we can’t

forget about ethereum yes it might seem

like a boring and obvious choice but I

buy it every month with the switch to

proof of stake and new tokenomics

ethereum is now deflationary but only

when gas is high since the launch of eth

2.0 under 2 000 eth have been issued

compared to over 82 000 East that would

have been issued under proof of work

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this makes me very bullish on ethereum

especially during during the upcoming

Bull Run when gas will be high enough

for East to be deflationary I am

accumulating each every single month and

I have been doing for a while are you

accumulating eth or do you find it too

boring let me know your thoughts in the

comments below and as a bonus I’m also

keeping an eye on tenor full disclosure

I have a partnership with Tennant again

I only partner with projects that I have

fully vetted and invested in person like

tenet is at a great price right now the

main reason I’m investing in tennis is

because it’s a layer one created for a

specific sector of the crypto Market

it’s sector-specific layer one so this

layer one is built for liquid staking

derivatives in the coming Bull Run I

think sector specific or use specific

layer Ones Will outshine the broader

layer once and that’s also why I’m in

corium so they are specifically focusing

on the web 2 to web3 onboarding sector

so remember that sector-specific layer

ones and there you have it folks the

those are my top five cryptos I’m

accumulating for June 2023 plus a bonus

one in my opinion we have just under a

year to accumulate before all start

taking off so I’m slowly building my

crypto bags over the next 8 to 12 months

I don’t think that we will see a new

Bitcoin all-time high this year and even

if we do it takes a while for the odds

to follow I’m in no rush so you

shouldn’t be either let’s accumulate

slowly and patiently and focus on newer

projects as they’ll provide the best

returns if you found this video helpful

don’t forget to hit that like button and

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any thoughts or questions about these

cryptos or you have your own favorites

for the upcoming Bull Run drop a comment

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update from me until next time guys

remember trade smart don’t be a dumbass

and I will see you soon


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