49 Best Telegram Bots List You Should Discover

Telegram is the best alternative to WhatsApp. It’s the best instant messaging application for both personal and commercial use. If you have a Telegram account, you can send pics, videos, voice messages, and custom messages to your friends.

You can create a private channel in Telegram to run an online business. You can maintain many public and private channels using a single account. In order to chat with multiple members, you should create a Telegram group.

To entertain your audience and followers, you must use bots. Bots can manage your channel and group for you effectively. There are automatic and semi-automatic bots in Telegram.

In automatic bots, you have to set a one-time instruction. Whether you’re online or offline, the automated bot will work for you. Whereas in semi-automatic bots, you need to give the input each time.

Best Telegram Bots List

It includes Telegram game bots, music bots, and much more.

Active Telegram account.

Android phone or Desktop PC to use bots.

To explore the bots,

Launch the Telegram application.

Tap on the Search icon.

Put @ before any bot’s name to find them.

Let’s discover bots.
1. VoteBot

If you’re having a channel or group in Telegram, you can use @vote to conduct a poll. It’s a bot to get the opinion of the members. The poll can be anonymous or public. In the anonymous poll, the voter’s name will not be displayed whereas, in the public vote, you can find who voted in favor and against the poll question. Alternatively, you can use @pollBot to make polls instantly.
2. LikeBot

@like is similar to the vote bot. Your post will receive Likes or Dislikes from users. It is completely anonymous. You can use any other emojis instead of like and dislike symbols. By using this bot, your post will look nice. New users will find whether the published post has value or not.
3. Stickers Bot

With the help of @Stickers, you can create stickers on Telegram. You’ve to follow certain criteria to create an awesome transparent sticker. The image file should have 512 x 512px for creating a sticker. Alternatively, you can use @EzStickerBot to make stickers.
4. Controller Bot

@ControllerBot allows you to create rich posts for your Telegram channel. You can schedule posts and automatically destruct the post after a specific time. To set up and connect your channel to this bot successfully, you should follow the steps given in the bot.
5. Otouto

@mokubot is a multi-purpose Telegram bot where you can search Google, Wikipedia, and dictionaries in one place. Once you start the bot, you’ll receive a list of commands to operate this bot. Give instructions according to the commands and gain knowledge. This bot is named Otouto.
6. Combot

@combot is a maintenance bot for your Telegram group. It can effectively manage analytics, moderation, reputation, and much more. You have to add this bot to your group and give the necessary permission to activate the bot.
7. Rose

@MissRose_bot is another powerful tool to manage your Telegram groups. It’s the best spam filter bot to warn and clean the spammers. Controlling spam is a headache if you have a group. It’s a must tool which let you feel relaxed. It will take care of maintaining the group all the time.
8. DeleteEvents Bot

@DeleteEventsBot can delete some of the events that happened inside the Telegram group. For example: when someone joined your group, it will leave their identity. This bot can delete such events. Add this bot as admin with the right to delete messages.
9. PrivateBOXbot

@pboxbot can save your notes, texts, media, and other files as a vault. Since it works in inline mode, you can save the conversation from chats. Provide your name, and password, and then save your files. Later, you can retrieve the files using a password. You can’t restore the password if you forget it.
10. ChatMod

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@chatmodbot is specially developed for Blockchain enthusiasts. This bot can help you to automate, track and grow your Telegram channel. You can also join your favorite Cryptographic projects using this bot.
11. Gram Tool Bot

@GramToolBot is one of the best Telegram bots which can assist you to use Instagram effectively. You can download posts, account stats, research hashtags, and find the most viral content on the go. You can add or remove the Instagram username from tracking the status.
12. InviteMember

@InviteMemberBot is the best bot for paid Telegram channels and groups. It can show subscription plans, send an invitation, remind and kick users out when the subscription ends. It can also accept payment from your subscribers.

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13. Invoke Geek Bot

Are you looking for an IT job? Tired of searching for job portals? Is your inbox filled with irrelevant job offers? You should check out @invokeGeekBot which sends IT job postings and career advice for you. This bot can send a maximum of 10 job postings per day. Start this bot once to retrieve consistent job postings on Telegram.
14. All Questions

Do you have any queries in your mind? Ask @allqbot your questions. Your questions will be passed to other users who are all using this bot. They will answer your questions. In return, you can answer their questions.
15. Metrics Bot

Do you have your own blog online? If you’d like to get Google Analytics metrics in Telegram, use @MetricsBot and connect. It is very useful when you use Telegram at work.
16. DropMail.me

Looking for a temporary email address? You should use @DropmailBot to generate random email addresses which can be disposable. You’ll receive incoming mail in this bot which includes the From address, subject, and body of the email.

If you don’t use this email address, it will be destructed automatically. You can reactivate the email address at any time. You can also create multiple self-destructive email addresses.
17. Swelly

With @swell_bot you can contribute your vote for cool stuff which can help other users to make a correct decision. You’ll be given a question with an awesome image and answers. Give your opinion and move on to the next question.

@IFTTT is the world-class Telegram bot to link your channels or groups with more than 360 online services like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc, and so on. You’ve to set this bot as admin and follow the instructions to link the services. It can import data from other services and sync with your group or channel.
19. Trending

@NowTredingBot helps you to find trending or viral content on Google, YouTube, Vimeo, and Twitter. Once you start the bot, you have to choose the country to view the trending content. Then choose the category to find the specific type of content.
20. Group Butler

@GroupButler_bot is an effective anti-flood bot for your Telegram channel. You can set rules, ban users and send custom messages like a Pro administrator. Try this bot by making it an Admin.
21. Snipfeed

@Snipfeed_News_bot helps you to find Trending stories, news, quizzes, and much more. It’s the best bot for providing personalized content at your fingertip.
22. Tan Images

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Are you an anime lover? Well, use @tan_images_bot can send you random anime pics, the latest and popular anime images, and much more. Just start the bot and tap the options to receive unlimited anime pics.
23. Instant Reminders

@InstantRemindersBot is a wonderful tool that can remind you about everything. Initially, it requires your timezone. You don’t need to Turn on the GPS on your phone. Instead, you’ve to give the location manually. This bot will accept text messages and media files for reminding them. Set a reminder by time and relax.
24. Yandex.Translate

If you’re looking for an instant translation bot, you should use @YTranslateBot. It can translate between 12 popular languages which include English, Deutsch, Italiano, Arabic, etc, and so on.
25. Map Bot

@openmap_bot is a navigational guidance bot that can send you maps from OpenStreetMap and satellite images. The beauty of this bot is that it works in inline mode. Send the place name, and you’ll receive the map with an accurate pinpointed location. Also, you can browse the map internally.
26. Comments User Bot

@CommentsUserBot helps you to add a comments box for every new post on the Telegram channel. Therefore, users can send feedback about your post in the comments. Add this bot as admin and give ‘add & edit’ post permissions.
27. WordBot

@LexicoBot is a decent multifunctional dictionary bot. By sending commands and queries, it can execute the definition, meaning, and antonyms of the input words. If this bot doesn’t reveal certain definitions, contact the support team and inform them to fix the issues.
28. Quiz from Panda

Do you like to play quizzes? You should try @PandaQuizEnBot. This bot has more than 2000 questions to inspire you. For each question, you’ve to choose from multiple choice answers. You can ask for a clue to find the answer. If you can’t find the answer, ask the bot by hitting the SOS button.
29. Blitzy

@BlitzyBot is a location-based messaging chatbot. You can interact with mobile users via text and multi-media messages. You can sell or buy things with nearby people using this bot. Start the bot > Enter your location and update your profile.
30. Kweri

@KweriBot is another simple quiz bot to play around with. For every question, your answer should be Yes or No. i.e., Y (or) N. You’ll receive loads of new questions one by one. If you failed to give a correct answer, you need to start from the beginning.
31. Rorschach Test

Do you want to learn about your and other’s personality, then you should use @RorschachTestBot. It will ask you to choose a card from a picture. Then you’ve to tell what you notice from the picture. Finally, it will analyze your thoughts and tell your personality type.
32. Message Wiz

Some people love to send slang in text messages. It will save their time by sending quick slang instead of typing full text. @MessageWizBot helps you to teach trill text slang for any sentence you write. You can communicate faster with anyone using this bot.
33. Chat Wars

Are you ready to play games on Telegram? @chtwrsbot allows you to join multiple players’ chats to play the Castle game. Choose the warrior and start to play the virtual game.
34. Erwin

@ErwinChatBot will asks you interesting General Knowledge questions without multiple choice answers. You’ve to think and write the correct answer. You can ask for a clue or hint to solve the question.
35. Chess Exercises

Chess is the best game to improve brain activity. Train your brain quickly by playing chess puzzles. Use @chessexercisesbot and find the best moves.
36. Metagon

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@metagon_bot is a multi-purpose Telegram bot to find anime/animal pics from Flickr, DeviantArt, and Imgur. In addition, you can check out Minecraft tools, 9gag, Yelp, and much more.
37. Gamee

@gamee is the best place to play social games. Here, you have to pick a game and challenge your friends. You can play random or trending games to get in touch with your friends.
38. Arena Game RPG

@ArenaGameTelegramBot is a nice game to fight in single or team against other players. There is a basic skills section to learn this game. Invite your friends to the game and you’ll receive a reward for each player a bonus.
39. Tic Tac Toe Bot

@xoBot is a simple bingo game to play with another player or bot. You can set the difficulty in this game to test your skills. You can also check your stats in this bot.
40. GameBot

@gamebot helps you to find a few fun-filled games to play. First, you have to choose a friend and then select a game to play.
41. Spotybot

@Spotybot allows you to find your favorite song. It will send you the link via an inline message where you can download the song with one click.
42. MP3s Bot

@MP3sBot works inline mode which allows you to listen to and download your favorite music. You can find songs in various languages. It works similar to Spotybot.
43. VK Music Bot

@vkmusic_bot is the best music downloader bot. It doesn’t use inline mode. You need to type the song name or artist name using specific commands. The bot will search and tell you all available versions of the song. Choose the version as per your choice. Immediately, you’ll receive the music file to listen to and download.
44. Lyric

Love to sing along with a song using lyrics? Try @LyricZbot. Enter the song name/artist name/piece of the song to find the lyrics. You’ll get links to see the whole lyrics. Then you can enjoy singing!
45. Twitch Monitor

@twiMonBot will notify you when your favorite streamers on Twitch and YouTube come Live-Stream broadcast. Enter the channel URL or name to get notified.
46. Watch Comic

@watchcomicbot helps you to find anime shows, Tv shows, movies, and much more. Since this bot works in inline, you’ve to give commands to find movies. Tap the ‘Watch Now’ button. Then you’ll be redirected to a website to watch the movie online.

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47. Vlipsy

@VlipBot helps you to find short expressive video clips to share with your friends. Open any chat, type the command and search term. It will list results to share within the chat.
48. BotFather

As the name implies @BotFather is the father of all bots. It is the one place to create and manage your bots. You can also manage your existing bots using this bot. It is one of the best Telegram bots I’ve used. If you know python, you can easily create a custom bot using bot father.
49. Weather bot

Curious to know the current weather condition in your city? @weatherbot is the best tool you should use daily. Like a news reporter, it will tell the accurate weather condition. Set your location and get the instant weather report.

Many developers have built useful Telegram bots. If you know Python and Java, you can create your own Telegram bot. With the help of Telegram bot API, you can send commands to your bot.

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