Harvey Specter From Suits Is TV’s Most Popular Lawyer, Beating Out Other Major Shows In New Study

  •  A new study reveals that Harvey Specter from Suits is the most popular TV lawyer with the highest monthly Google searches.
  •  The character beats out other well-known TV lawyers, including Saul Goodman from Better Call Saul and Matt Murdock from Daredevil.
  •  The popularity of Suits experienced a resurgence on Netflix in 2023, leading to a spinoff show being announced.

A new study has found Gabriel Macht’s Harvey Specter from Suits is television’s most popular lawyer. Created in 2011 by Aaron Korsh for the USA Network, the witty legal drama most recently experienced an unexpected and record-breaking resurgence on Netflix throughout the latter half of 2023. Rising to the top of the Nielsen viewership charts four years after the last season aired, Suits would remain in the top slot for an impressive 12-week streak.

A new study conducted by injury lawyers Bader Scott has revealed that Suits’ Harvey Specter is the most popular television lawyer with an average of 137,551 monthly Google searches conducted for the character throughout 2023. Analyzing 70 popular TV lawyers and judges, Macht’s character beat out other popular fictional lawyers, including Breaking Bad’s and Better Call Saul’s Saul Goodman and Daredevil’s Matt Murdock. Other Suits characters, Louis Litt and Jessica Pearson, also appeared in third and ninth place in the list of the Top 10 most popular TV lawyers. Check out how Specter compares with other characters below:

Rank Lawyer TV Show/Movie Job title Total Avg. Monthly Searches
1 Harvey Specter Suits Litigator 137,551
2 Saul Goodman Better Call Saul/Breaking Bad Lawyer 131,411
3 Louis Litt Suits Litigator 85,188
4 Gomez Addams The Addams Family Lawyer 82,070
5 Harvey Dent Batman franchise District Attorney 42,473
6 Olivia Pope Scandal Lawyer 40,046
7 Elle Woods Legally Blonde Lawyer 39,040
8 Atticus Finch To Kill a Mockingbird Lawyer 33,431
9 Jessica Pearson Suits Litigator 30,511
10 Matt Murdock Daredevil Lawyer 26,686
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Will Gabriel Macht’s Harvey Specter Appear In The New Suits Spinoff?

Harvey Specter looking to the side in Suits

Following the unexpected streaming resurgence of the original series, a new Suits spinoff show was officially announced in October 2023 with Korsh returning as showrunner. Marking the second spinoff after the short-lived Pearson show that followed Gina Torres’ character Jessica Pearson to Chicago, the new Suits show will see the franchise move its focus from New York to Los Angeles. According to Beatrice Springborn, president of Universal International Studios, the new show will also have “the same energy and good looking people that the original did.”


Where Was Suits Filmed? The Show’s Filming Locations Explained

While the TV series Suits depicted the streets of Manhattan, the actual filming location brought a unique blend of effectiveness and versatility.

While it is likely that the new show will introduce a whole new office full of fast-talking lawyers, given the overwhelming popularity of the original series and its characters, viewers may see several familiar faces return but only for a token cameo appearance. While Mike Ross actor Patrick J. Adams has recently intimated that he would “be ready to suit up again” if called upon, Macht has taken a break from acting since Suits ended in 2019.

Nonetheless, Macht also enjoyed a recent Suits reunion with his former co-stars at this year’s Golden Globes Awards. When he was questioned on the event’s red carpet by Hello! Magazine about a possible return, he admitted he did not know if he would be involved but suggested that “there is always a phone line or a number – and I always pick up the phone.” However, given Macht was 2023’s most popular television lawyer, Korsch may very well be tempted to make that call and lure the actor back onto viewers’ screens.

Source: Bader ScottHello! Magazine

Suits TV Show Poster
Release DateJune 23, 2011
CastPatrick J. Adams , Sarah Rafferty , Gabriel Macht , Meghan Markle , Rick Hoffman , Gina Torres , Amanda Schull , Dule Hill , Katherine Heigl
GenresComedy , Drama
Creator(s)Aaron Korsh
WritersAaron Korsh
Streaming Service(s)Amazon Prime Video , Netflix , Peacock
ShowrunnerAaron Korsh

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