NPR Declares Anyone Who Doesn’t Want To ‘Eat The Bugs’ Is ‘Racist and Antisemitic’

NPR has launched an astonishing propaganda campaign against anyone who does not want to “eat the bugs” and fall in line with the globalist agenda to replace beef and nutritious protein with barely edible insects, crickets, and meal worms, which in addition to being tasteless, are toxic to the human body.

An NPR podcast titled ‘This right wing conspiracy theory about eating bugs is about as racist as you think’ spends 33 minutes force feeding listeners with the kind of toxic drivel usually reserved for hot political topics such as child trafficking or Hunter Biden’s laptop.

According to NPR, the desire to continue eating beef, which has nourished humanity for as long as we have walked this earth, and the instinctive rejection of bugs, is sinister and incomprehensible.

“I will not eat the bugs” became a meme on 4chan and emerged in conservative talk shows and political speech. But why has it gained traction? In this week’s Code Switch, Gene Demby and NPR reporter Huo Jingnan dive into the sprawling conspiracy theory behind it.

Of course, given the flimsy nature of their argument, NPR reach for the a-word. Anybody who doesn’t want to eat the bugs is “anti-semitic” according to National Public Radio.

“Proponents of the theory lean on the anti-semitic trope that “global elites” have a plot to control the masses — in this case under the guise of climate change solutions — by forcing them to eat bugs.

However, while NPR spend a grand total of 33 minutes on the topic, they fail to get to the bottom of the science. In fact, they don’t even approach the topic.

Humans are set to become walking parasites if the global elites pushing the insect diet get their way and everybody gives up meat and starts eating bugs and crickets. Scientific research reveals these insects contain the perfect “armor” that parasites and pathogens use to infect humans and animals and spread disease inside them.

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If you start eating insects regularly, because you believe this will save the earth from global warming or “climate change,” you may be putting yourself (and any children you have) directly in harm’s way. Watch:

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