Students Protest After Menstrual Products Removed From Men’s Bathrooms

Even though men do not menstruate, Clemson university has been putting tampons in their restrooms.

The move was to allow females, who identified as males, access to the feminine hygiene products when using the men’s bathroom.

However the university decided to remove the products after College Republicans mocked them.

Fox News reports: Students at Clemson University held a march this week to protest the removal of feminine hygiene products from men’s bathrooms on campus.

“About 50 students marched across Clemson University on Wednesday to demand that menstrual products be returned to men’s bathrooms in Cooper Library and that the Clemson College Republicans be reprimanded for their role in the tampons’ removal,” The College Fix wrote on Friday.

“Take Back Pride” holds an annual march, but the main student organizer of the event, Pan Tankersley declared, “Today, we are marching for the reinstatement of the menstrual products in the men’s restrooms in Cooper Library and throughout campus.”

This follows the reported quiet removal of these dispensaries from men’s rooms after the Clemson College Republicans condemned their presence on social media.

“If you weren’t aware already, Clemson University has tampon/pad dispensers in the MEN’S restrooms located in Cooper Library,” the conservative student organization tweeted in mid-September, adding, “We truly live in [clown] world.”

The Instagram account representing the “Take Back Pride” march on campus claimed that after the College Republicans criticized these dispensaries, they were promptly vandalized with “hateful slurs towards the transgender community” before the university removed “all traces of their existence.”

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