Robber Pointed .45 At Store Clerk, Ran Into3 Gun-Toting Customers

When a robber pointed a .45 at a store clerk’s head, he likely thought he had the upper hand. Instead, he quickly ran into a few big problems — three to be exact. When Shawn Sutton and his wife Melody Sutton, both 39, arrived at the Ideal Mart on Old Northcutt Road in Gilmer County, Georgia, Shawn headed inside, planning to rob the place while Melody waited in the car. Unfortunately for the north Georgia couple, things wouldn’t go according to plan.

Instead, Shawn would soon find himself facing three big problems when some gun-toting customers leaped into action.

According to a press release from the Ellijay Police Department, it was just before 6:30 pm on a Monday when Shawn and Melody Sutton arrived at the Ideal Mart. Posing as a customer who was there to buy an energy drink, Shawn entered the convenience store while his wife Melody waited in their car. When Shawn reached the convenience store counter, his real intentions became clear.

Police said Shawn Sutton pulled a pair of women’s panties that were around his neck up over his face to hide his identity. With his face covered, he went behind the counter, pointed a .45 at the store clerk’s head, and demanded money, but as The Blaze reported, he ran into big problems when three gun-toting customers came to the clerk’s rescue, pulling their own guns.

Indeed, Shawn Sutton had “hit the good-guy-with-a-gun jackpot on this particular evening.” As hard as it might be to believe, there were “three legitimate customers at the store at the time — two inside the building and one pumping gas — and they all had guns, too, and were willing to pull them to make the situation right,” the news outlet explained.

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