JUDY BYINGTON BIG UPDATE: Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of July 28, 2023

JUDY BYINGTON BIG UPDATE: Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of July 28, 2023: The latest video will be shown earlier at the official website,  Judy note, Biden most corrupt President in US history. Joe Biden is the most corrupt President in the history of the United States. How long does America have to wait for the Senate to act? Friday, March 1, 2019 child sacrifice, pedophilia in the global banking system, child sacrifice, pedophilia in the global banking system. Ex banker leaks wealth transfer timeline. Ripple XRP ex banker leaks wealth transfer timeline. Fed Powell just told you IT all. White hats murdered while investigating child trafficking ring, white hats murdered while investigating child trafficking ring in LA.

Woman who saw 18 Wheeler full of dead kids found chopped up in a suitcase. Oprah disgusting statement. Nasa owns patent to an artificial son. The Supreme Court has ruled that agencies formed by Congress aren’t part of the Republic, such as the FBI, CIA, IRS, NIH, CDC, FDA, and even local school boards. This verdict challenges the very existence of such organizations and gives power back to the people in their own states. The US federal government could now be pruned back to a mere 10 % of its current status.

Warning, there were reports that some were asking you to hand over your foreign currencies and or ZIM bonds to them, saying they would exchange or redeem them for you. Do not give into this scam. Only the purchaser of the currency or bond can legally exchange or redeem that currency or bond at a redemption center for the higher rates. Exceptions were that if you had given someone currency or bonds, along with a notarized gift letter saying you did so, or if you gave someone power of attorney over your affairs. The bottom line, if someone tried to turn in your currency or bonds without your authorization, they could be arrested. Visit the website, denarport.

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Com right away to learn more about finance, currency, and economic information. Judy note, a global currency reevaluation on Tuesday, 25th of July, the new Quantum Financial System, QFS, would begin to be implemented at midnight Tuesday, 25th of July and complete at midnight Wednesday night 26th of July. Bruce. At the Wednesday 26th of July FOMC meeting, the stock market will go into correction. Goldilocks on Thursday 27th of July Basel III compliance will be implemented in the banks with banks closed that cannot prove gold asset backed assets.

Along with the previous day’s stock market correction, bank closures would create shocks and adjustments in our markets and payment systems as they moved into a real value Thursday, 27th of July was also slated as the day to activate Nisera Jezzahra. This last week of July, US citizens expected to receive restoration allowances that paid them back a legal interest given to the Kabbalah, plus their SS payments would increase. Intel, July 27th restart of planet Earth and the Jezzahra Nisera announcement, Terra 4B, us, the internet group, could receive notification to set exchange redemption appointments and bond holders could receive access to their funds on Thursday, 27th of July.

If so, tier 4B exchanges and redemptions would possibly begin on Friday, 28th of July. Bruce, Nisera would be announced to the US general public on Sunday, 30th of July or Monday, 34th first of July, Bruce. The general public tier five could exchange currency at the new rates at a bank beginning on Thursday third of August. Bruce, on Wednesday 23rd of August, the new gold asset backed quantum financial system would be made public. Charlie Ward stated that the RV will happen after a global financial crisis.

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Be global financial crisis, the major banks of J. P. Morgan, Citibank, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo and Chase were collapsing. The FDIC has tried to hide everything. J. P. Morgan Chase will close 21 First Republic branches by the end of this year, a bank spokesperson told Reuters on Thursday. Roughly 100 employees affected by the closures will be offered six month transition assignments. After that, they’ll be eligible to apply of other roles at JP Morgan. The wire service reported on June 1, 2023 that Chase Bank was closing all of its branches nationwide. People were reporting closure of their accounts with no reason given, while others were.

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