Rand Paul Puts Fauci On Notice: “We ended up referring him to the Department of Justice for prosecution for lying to Congress”

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has officially referred Dr. Anthony Fauci for prosecution accusing the former National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases chief of lying during his testimony before Congress. Paul said: “We ended up referring him [Dr. Fauci] this week to the Department of Justice for prosecution for lying to Congress.

“This is when they’re just beginning to look into the pandemic. And in that email, he basically says, ‘Yes, we’re suspicious that this could be a manipulated virus because it came from a lab in Wuhan, where they do gain of function research,’ and he describes the research.

“Well, this directly contradicts everything he said in committee hearing to me, denying absolutely that they funded any gain of function, and it’s absolutely a lie.

“These virologists from around the world are saying, they’re looking at the genetic sequence of COVID-19, and they find that there are some striking, strikingly unusual characteristics of it that make it look like it’s been manipulated in the lab.

“And this band of close virologists that are his close buddies–and these are all people who have been proponents previously of gain of function research, creating viruses that don’t occur in nature to experimentation — they all tell him it looks manipulative.

“So he [Fauci] summarizes the phone call, about a day later, and it’s in an email that they have never released to us, but then finally was obtained through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and through the House involvement through threat of subpoena.

“In the email, Fauci summarizes the call and describes the worry among all these virologists, himself included — he’s not a virologist, but he also has worries and is worried that it looks like it’s been manipulated.

“And this is especially suspicious because we know they do gain of function research in Wuhan, and he describes the research.

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“They have tried to define away the problem.

“The other thing they’ve tried to say is that it only counts as gain of function research if it’s a human virus,” he said of how Fauci tried to cover his trail.

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