Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of august 27, 2023

Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of august 27, 2023: The latest video will be shown earlier at the official website, Duty Note, as massive flames so hot they melted tires surrounded and in Gulf, Lehenna, Maui police blocked the only roads leading out of the traditional Hawaiian capital city. On that fateful Wednesday, eighth of August 2023, day hundreds of imprisoned native Hawaiians died as the fires raged around them while 2,400 children went missing. It was determined that days prior to the fires beginning, FEMA authorities issued the order to set up blockades.

The above intel came from citizens who escaped those FEMA blockades. They finally called in the Marines. Fema had 2,500 employees in Maui. Some were killed in action as enemy combatants. A bunch escaped on airplanes back to the continental US, while others were still being hunted in Hawaii. That was another battle yet to come. Armed forces loyal to the criminal Biden regime had arrived in Maui to support fema and fight the Marines. Why? For years, Gates, Winfrey, Zuckerberg, the UN, Builder Burgers, and hundreds of world billionaires, including those involved in the Cabals, BlackRock, and vangard.

They have tried to buy huge portions of Lehenna, but were denied by Lehenna citizens who remained true to their land and heritage. Their ancestors originally settled Lehenna, the land was where they buried their dead and where they worshiped their god. The Hawaiian native peoples resolved to hold on to the land of their heritage was daunting and had been for some time. A massive human/child trafficking line ran through Lehenna, the second most expensive real estate in the world. And, Hawaii was the base between Australia, Taiwan,

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China and California for Oprah, Epstein, Zuckerberg, CIA, UN Elites and their International Child Sex trafficking, adrenochrome and organ harvesting network. An urgent plea for help. The capital of the sovereign nation in the Hainemaue has been destroyed. Thousands of men, women and mainly children are missing and presumed dead. Any aid to help the people of Hawaii who are suffering tremendous losses would be greatly appreciated. A global currency reset. The global currency reset appeared to be announced on 2’s August 22nd, 2023, when the Bricks Summit launched Bricks Pay, a decentralized multicurrency digital international payments system.

Friday 25th of August DND call. The three letter agencies are at the highest level of alert possible for the RV. The majority that it will be this weekend or sooner. The Iraqi government has until tomorrow to open the budget. Many people in powerful positions were arrested in Iraq this week. Friday 25th of August, Mark said tonight that he has heard that a couple of humanitarian projects have received full funding and are slowly rolling out. Thursday 24th of August, Bruce bondholders were told by authorities in Switzerland that they would be notified Friday 25th of August and get access to funds on Saturday, 26th of August.

Tier 4B, us, the Internet group, should be notified to set exchange/redemption appointments Saturday 26th of August or Monday 28th of August at the very latest. Within 24 hours of Trump’s arraignment, the RV should be started or by Friday 25, August seventh, colon O-O-P-M-E-S-T. Charlie Ward said that Tier 4B would be able to exchange foreign currencies and redeem ZIM bonds after that global currency reset was announced. Shelton Levert said that Paymasters would start paying Tier 3 after the Bricks Summit ended on Thursday, 24th of August. Woverine claimed that on Friday 18th of August, Wells Fargo Bank received the cash release codes and the global launch of the funds took place across the planet,

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marking the beginning of the registered global asset redemption program. B. Restored Republic. Thursday, 24th of August situation update. Is the arrest of President Trump in act of war? Bricks to dollarization here. Maui Fire has many missing children and fema corruption. Climate Smart City Program. Friday 24th of August, urgent emergency message. Prepare for SHTF now.

This isn’t a drill. This is 2023 and SHTF is now. Friday 24th of August, why Ohio is going beyond just pantry staples? The state’s quiet preparation for the unknown. Are Ohioans privy to some secret? We don’t know. C-activation of the Emergency Broadcast System. The EBS will air an eight-hour.

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