Putin Prohibits Nationwide 5G and Tears Down All Towers

RUSSIA ~ Concerned that the technology is medically dangerous and has led to the deaths of schoolchildren near St. Petersburg, Russian President Vladimir Putin has banned 5G towers in the Russian Federation. Concerns about 5G’s potential downsides are not new. It is beyond the scope of this website and the author’s awareness that alternative media have linked technology to a wide range of health difficulties, such as immunosuppressive disorders and virus reproduction, for over a decade.

Putin’s promise to demolish already-built 5G mega towers, however, demonstrates that the risks associated with electromagnetic radiation are more grounded in truth than conspiracy.

When the technology, created by Qualcomm and the mobile ecosystem, became accessible in 2015, Russia did not immediately begin erecting towers like the United States and Western Europe did. Since then, American telecom corporations have erected 150,000 towers, while Russia has added just 22, mostly in Moscow. With the nation’s elementary schools closed due to the Plandemic, cell operators in the United States rushed to build towers in close proximity to them. When classes resumed, kids were taken aback by the sight of massive 5G dishes popping up everywhere, including atop their own schools.

Only MTS, out of Russia’s four largest mobile operators (MTS, Megafon, Rostelcom, and Vimpel-Communications Public Joint Stock), began a limited rollout of 5G in 2021, installing towers in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Novosibirsk, the country’s three most populous cities, and one tower just 15 meters from a school playground on the outskirts of St. Petersburg. Vladimir Putin has referred to the electromagnetic poisoning that 16 students experienced in April 2023.

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Initial signs included nausea, stomach pain, fever, and vomiting without any apparent cause. Ocular nerve degeneration, bleeding in the stomach, and blindness were later symptoms. All of the impacted kids were in school during the same semester and were between the ages of 8 and 12. In addition, the unwell children had not been vaccinated, therefore the Russian Ministry of Health did not suspect adverse reactions to the Covid-19 vaccine. Preexisting conditions, food-borne illnesses, drugs, and biological and chemical agents were all ruled out by extensive bloodwork and radiological imaging studies. Eleven of the sixteen pupils had perished by June 6, 2023.

An inspection team was dispatched by Defense Ministry at the request of Health Minister Mikhail Murashko, who found that the cell tower pulsed electromagnetic waves in the 24- to 50-gigahertz range, at the lower end of the millimeter wave spectrum. Former FCC Director Tom Wheeler asserted in 2016 that “5G poses no threat whatsoever to people, wildlife, or pets,” echoing the consensus of regulatory agencies and telecommunications companies around the world.

Concerns about its security come across as wild speculation. The Russian president convened a group of telecom CEOs and health specialists in mid-July to consider the risks associated with the widespread use of 5G technology. He displayed photos of deceased kids, including one whose brain had liquefied. He told them he planned to destroy all towers in Russia and put a stop to any further 5G research.

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