RFK Jr. Calls for Investigation into Biden Bribery Scheme Allegations

Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is calling for a full investigation into Joe Biden over allegations that the Democrat president and his family have been involved in an international bribery scheme. RFK Jr. made the calls during a new interview where he discussed the explosive release of the FBI’s FD-1023 document that details the allegations against the Bidens.

As Slay News reported, an unredacted version of the document was made public on Thursday by Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA).

The FD-1023 form alleges that Burisma co-founder and CEO Mykola Zlochevsky told a highly credible FBI confidential human source that he was “coerced” by the Bidens into paying them millions of dollars in bribes.

Zlochevsky said he paid Biden and his son Hunter $5 million each to get a Ukrainian investigation into his company shut down.

The Ukrainian oligarch also claims to have made secret recordings of the Bidens demanding money from him.

‘I have avoided criticizing the President because I, you know, I’m trying to bring people together and some of the vitriol, the poison that’s made politics so poisonous,” Kennedy told Fox News host Maria Bartiromo on “Sunday Morning Futures.”

“I think though the issues that are now coming up are worrying enough that we really need a real investigation of what happened,” he said.

“I mean, these revelations about the, you know, where you have Burisma — which is a notoriously corrupt company that paid out apparently $10 million to Hunter and his dad — if that’s true, then it is really troubling.”

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Kennedy said that, in addition to the need for the allegation to be thoroughly investigated, Americans need to be worried about the politicization from federal law enforcement agencies.

“I think that that’s something that every American needs to worry about and our federal agencies, which used to be above politics, and now become weaponized as political instruments, and that, again, is another really damaging trend for our democracy,” he said.

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