Nancy Pelosi Tells CNN She Is A ‘Cold-Blooded Reptilian’

Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has admitted she is a “cold-blooded reptilian” during an interview with CNN on Thursday. “I’m not a poor baby, I’m more reptilian, cold-blooded. I’m going to win the elections,” she said in an interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN. Watch:


To make matters worse, she admitted she is a cold-blooded reptilian on the same day she met with Soros.


Alex Soros was granted the keys to the kingdom of his dad’s organization, and he is reported to be more into using his money to advance his political agenda.

Alexander Soros, who goes by Alex, told the Journal he is “more political” than his father, and that he expects to be embracing some different causes with the foundation, particularly voting rights and abortion rights.

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