Major Clinton Donor Arrested for Raping Dogs

A major Clinton donor and prominent Democrat activist has been arrested for violently raping his dog, according to reports.

Penn State University Professor Themis Matsoukas was caught performing sxual acts with his dog in a public forest.

Matsoukas, 64, was hit with a slew of charges, including open lewdness, indecent exposure, sexual intercourse with an animal, animal cruelty, and disorderly conduct.

He was spotted on trail cams in Rothrock State Forest raping his collie in 2014.

Slaynews.com reports: The acts were caught by surveillance cameras.

The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources rangers launched an investigation after a trail cam captured footage of a man engaging in lewd behavior with a collie near a restroom in the Alan Seeger Parking Area.

Matsoukas was reportedly trying to film his disgusting actions on an iPad.

Police said he was “very nervous” when they arrested him and told officers, “I’m done.”

“I’m dead,” he added before begging them to just shoot him.

“I do it to blow off steam,” Matsoukas claimed.

Investigators traced Matsoukas through a North Face backpack, which was evident in the footage.

After catching the professor repeating his acts in May, authorities managed to locate his vehicle and secure a search warrant for his residence and car.

For regular Slay News readers, it will likely come as no surprise to learn that Matsoukas is a Democrat.

According to a report from Washington Free Bacon, Matsoukas is a longtime liberal who has been donating to Democrats since 2004.


“By the numbers: Matsoukas donated at least $331 to Warren’s presidential campaign between 2019 and 2020,” the outlet reported.

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“He also donated to Hillary Clinton’s and John Kerry’s presidential campaigns in 2016 and 2004, respectively.

“He has donated more than $1,000 to Democratic candidates and committees and $0 to Republicans.”

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