Leo Terrell Reaches Limit with McCarthy’s Inaction on Biden: ‘Shut Up and Start Impeachment Proceedings!’

Civil rights attorney Leo Terrell has reached his limit with Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) over the Republican House speaker’s lack of action regarding Democrat President Joe Biden’s impeachment. Terrell issued a fiery response on Twitter after McCarthy blasted the Democrats over their “out-of-control spending.”

“Shut up and start impeachment proceedings!” Terrell tweeted.

The comments from Terrell come as House Republicans continue digging into the Biden family over allegations of criminal activity, including racketeering, foreign influence peddling, and bribery.

Several Republicans have floated plans to impeach Biden, citing the mountain of evidence they have collected.

GOP members argue that the American people have a right to see the evidence during impeachment proceedings.

While McCarthy has hinted at moving forward with impeachment, many want to see action from the Republican-led House.

Not all Republicans are on board with impeaching Biden, however.

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) said Sunday that discussion of impeaching Biden puts the Republicans’ majority in the House at risk in 2024.

The congresswoman claims the move could jeopardize members who represent districts that President Biden won in 2020.

“Well, I do believe we are, at this point, an inquiry is different from an impeachment vote and is another tool in the toolbox,” Mace said in an interview on “Fox News Sunday” with Shannon Bream, echoing the sentiment of McCarthy, who has tried to draw a clear distinction between “impeachment” and an “impeachment inquiry.”

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“I will tell you, every time we walk the plank, we are putting moderate members, members [in Biden-won districts]. We are putting those seats at risk for 2024. We are putting the majority at risk. And it’s not just impeachment that does that. Other issues, like abortion, et cetera, also put those members on the plank,” Mace continued.

Mace said it was still important to proceed with investigations of the Bidens, and that “whatever the evidence shows us, we ought to follow the facts, and we have to be better than [former Speaker] Nancy Pelosi.

“Pelosi really politicized the impeachment process.”

As Speaker of the House, Pelosi led the Democrats’ efforts during the two impeachment trials of President Donald Trump.

Mace continued: “We do not want to do that here.

“We have to show overwhelming, undeniable evidence in order to move this thing forward.

“And if we can’t, then we should not. But if we do, then we ought to use every tool in the toolbox to make sure the American people see it for what it is, and we can hold everyone accountable.”

Meanwhile, conservatives scored a win for American justice when Hunter Biden’s sweetheart plea deal fell apart at the last minute last week.

The Trump-appointed judge refused to “rubberstamp” the deal that quietly included blanket immunity for Hunter from future charges.

Many feel that the Justice Department has targeted President Trump while suppressing investigations into the Biden family due to a clear pro-Democrat bias at the federal agency.

McCarthy and the rest of the House Republicans will face more pressure from the American public as their investigations continue to uncover mountains of evidence with no impeachment.

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