Robert F Kennedy Jr Calls Debbie Wasserman Schultz a Liar to Her Face

Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. fired back at the Democrats for pushing false claims in an effort to censor him during a House hearing on government censorship today. The Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government has been holding a hearing this morning on Capitol Hill.

The hearing sought to tackle the supposed bipartisan issue of Democrat President Joe Biden’s censorship of the American people, a violation of the U.S. Constitution.

During the hearing, things got heated quickly.

The Democrats, led by Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL), came out against free speech in a disgraceful display.

They then tried to hide their anti-American ideas by lying about star witness Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a lifelong Democrat.

But Kennedy wasn’t having it and called grand inquisitor Wasserman Schultz a liar to her face.

The Democrats tried to block Kennedy from speaking during the hearing by falsely accusing him of being an anti-Semite and twisting his previous statements on Covid restrictions.

“You compared Covid public health policies to barbaric tactics of Nazi Germany, saying the Jewish people of Nazi Germany had more freedom than Americans,” Wasserman Schultz falsely claimed about RFK Jr.

Kennedy fired back over the shameless false smear attack: “What you are saying is a lie.

“Virtually every statement that you just made about me is inaccurate.

“I spent 30 years trying to get mercury out of the fish in this country, and nobody ever called me anti-fish.”

In his opening remarks, Kennedy discussed having his campaign announcement censored by Big Tech.

“I didn’t talk about vaccines in that speech,” he noted.

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“I didn’t talk about anything that was a verboten subject.

“I just was talking about my campaign things, the conversation that we ought to be having with each other as Americans.

“But I was shut down.”

Kennedy then continued by schooling the Democrats on free speech.

“And that is why the First Amendment is important,” he said.

“Debate, congenial, respectful debate is the fertilizer, it’s the water, it’s the sunlight for our democracy.

“We need to be talking to each other.

“This is a letter, and many of you signed, many of my fellow Democrats.

“I’ve spent my life in this party,” he noted.

“I’ve devoted my life to the values of this party.

“These 102 people signed this,” he said of the letter presented by Democrats to have Kennedy removed from the hearing.

“This itself is evidence of the problem that this hearing was convened to address.

“This is an attempt to censor a censorship hearing.

“The charges and by the way, censorship is antithetical to our party.

“It was appalling to my father, to my uncle, to FDR, to Harry Truman, to Thomas Jefferson, as the chairman referred to.

“It is the basis for democracy.

“It sets us apart from all of the previous forms of government.

“We need to be able to talk,” he asserted.

“And the First Amendment was not written for easy speech.

“It was written for the speech that nobody likes you for.

“And I was censored not just by the Democratic administration.

“I was censored by the Trump administration.

“I was the first person censored by the as the chairman pointed out, by the Biden administration.”

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