JUDY BYINGTON BIG UPDATE: Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of July 31, 2023

JUDY BYINGTON BIG UPDATE: Restored Republic via a GCR Update as of July 31, 2023: The latest video will be shown earlier at the official website, Judy note, Mission impossible completed. It was recently reported that the rescue of millions of children from a labyrinth of underground tunnels across the globe has been completed by World Alliance Military forces. Those efforts, first by Navy Seals and US Marines and then by military forces across the globe, began over four years ago, way back on Wednesday, 16 October 2019, and only after a year of training on very complicated underground tunnel rescue operations.

The Navy Seals and US Marines first rescue was of an unbelievable 2,100 children being held in cages in underground tunnels at the California China Lake Military Facility. The children and teens were said to have been sexually abused, tortured and killed to collect their adrenaline and organs. Since then, millions more tortured and dead children were found in underground tunnels across the globe. Military forces of various countries combined with the Navy Seals and US M arines in the rescue efforts, truly unsung heroes. Marines, Navy Seals rescue 2,100 caged children, teens. A top news get ready for Neazara Military EBS Chance McF atten.

On Saturday 29th of July afternoon, 1 to 2 ESD Basel 3, Jezebel will be announced. The Military Alliance is continuing to blow Switzerland up. Massive dumb actions is. Over 15 earthquakes that are under 10 kilometers deep in the last 48 hours alone. Scare event threats looming, nuclear false flag, worldwide blackout, cyber attacks. Harp and EMP to manipulate the weather and cast blame upon the innocent son for a projected blackout in 2024. The unsung heroes of the White Hat were nestled in Cheyenne Mountain preparing World Alliance operations for a worldwide blackout. Behind the 2024 blackout, behind the scenes,

untold agenda behind the 2024 US blackout, Obama, Schwab, Harp, EMP, Cheyenne Mountain, White Hats, Military is the Only Way. Deep State Satanic NWO tranny Michelle Michael Obama, join me on another red pill journey. Michelle Obama presents, Michael Lavan, Deep State Satanic NWO tranny, also known as Michelle Obama. Putin freeing Ukraine from NATO chokehold, breaking Russian offensive unleashed, NATO and US in a chokehold, Nazi maps of hollow Earth, Nazi maps and documents to Agartha confirm the hollow Earth accounts. Warning, there were reports that some were asking you to hand over your foreign currencies and or ZIM bonds to them, saying they would exchange or redeem them for you.

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Do not give into this scam. Only the purchaser of the currency or bond can legally exchange or redeem that currency or bond at a redemption center for the higher rates. Exceptions were that if you had given someone currency or bonds, along with a notarized gift letter saying you did so, or if you gave someone power of attorney over your affairs. The bottom line, if someone tried to turn in your currency or bonds without your authorization, they could be arrested. Visit the website, denarport. Com right away to learn more about finance, currency, and economic information. Be global financial collapse, situation update, banks now in collapse. Countries dumbing the dollar.

Brick Summit now reported in MSM, will collapse Federal Reserve fee at dollar. People rejecting Cabal, CBDC. Bankruptcy of the USA Corporation was finalized on February 4, 2021. Paperwork is filed in Tallahatchie, Florida. By around 22nd of August, most of the world will have decoupled from the Federal Reserve dollar. Major banks were collapsing. Jp Morgan, Citibank, Bank of America set aside $847 million to cover their next quarter of losses. Goldman Sachs, down 58 % last quarter. Wells Fargo, set aside $900 million to cover their next quarter of losses.

And Chase, set aside $1.2 billion to cover losses and lost $200 million in deposits last quarter. On Thursday, July 27, 2023, 360 banks were closed because they weren’t Basel 3 compliant, didn’t have the gold asset backed assets to back their currency. Xrp and XM, XRM cryptocurrencies were not secure. Germany on edge of complete financial collapse. Credit Swiss has gone down. Germany and France, economies were about to implode. American Patriot, EU stress test shows three banks falling short. Three banks from the European Union failed to meet binding capital requirements in a stress test that saw a theoretical €496 billion, $546 billion wiped from their buffers.

Washington, heartland Tri State Bank of Elkheart, can Sas was close today by the Kansas office of the State Bank Commissioner, which appointed the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, FDIC, as receiver. To protect depositors, the FDIC entered into a purchase and assumption agreement with Dream First Bank, National Association of Syracuse, Kansas, to assume all of the deposits of heartland Tri State Bank. When this happens, all credit will freeze up. All debit and credit cards won’t be worth anything. Every truckload of food delivered to grocery stores are done so on credit line that will create a food disruption.

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Be prepared to have food, water, and essentials for around three weeks. See global currency revaluation duty note, it appears that the quantum financial system will be fully integrated and running on the new secure Starlink satellite system by twos. One August, the same date President Trump was expected to return to his duly elected office as President of the US. Those in tier 4B, us, the Internet group, could expect to be notified to set redemption exchange appointments by Monday 31st of August, with appointments likely beginning on twos.

First of August. Prepare for activation of the emergency broadcast system in a version of martial law which could shut down everything for up to a 10 day period while documentaries are shown in eight hour segments 24 7. The purpose would be to educate the public about our new court and government systems, including our God given freedoms as outlined in the original and inspired US Constitution. Thursday, 27th of July Bruce, tier 4B, us, the internet group, will be notified to set our appointments sometime between Friday 28th of July and Monday 31st of July. Neaseret should be announced to the US general public on Sunday 30th of July or Monday 31st of July.

Restitution allowances will come out the first week of August. Those 60 and older can take it as lump sum. Those younger will be paid out over 10 years. Increases in SS up to $5,000 will supposedly start in August. The real President will be back in office by twos. First of August, Wolverine. Watch between now and Monday. The general public tier five could exchange currency at the new rates at a bank beginning on Thursday, third of August. Bruce, we are in a critical timeframe window of the great wealth transfer until Wednesday, ninth of August. Bo Pollini. The RV will happen after a global financial crisis.

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Charlie Ward, the new financial system, JezzAra QFS GCR RV ISO 2022 Basel 3, Protequil QFS 20, and Donr, it’s all connected. Iraq Parliament sets date. Parliamentary Finance sets the date for the entry into force of the budget provisions in the next couple of days. Iraq Donr News updates. Today’s Rise on Redemption Center screens. President Putin has forgiven $23 billion in African debt. Deverse toward Republic, Fulford update. Mass Intel, Chance McFatton. On Saturday, 29 th of July afternoon, 1 to 2 ESD Basel 3, Jezeera will be announced.

Eopparent Timeline. Two’s. First of August, President Trump will be back. Martial law during activation of the Gold asset backed global financial system of 209 countries. Ten days of communication darkness worldwide. Saturday, fifth of August, JFK Jr. Will be back. Will those in the Federal Witness Protection Program who tried to expose the truth, finally come forth, such as Elvis, Diana, Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, and other celebrities? F. Friday, 28th of July, JFK Jr. Private on Telegram. Hello, everyone. Do you recognize me? My name is John. Some of you may know me as John F.

Kennedy Jr. I spent most of my life in hiding. I did it to protect my family, my friends, the people in the world. In the upcoming months, I will reveal something that will change a lot of things and make this world a better place for everybody. Who wanted me dead? Who tried to assassinate me. Who died in the plane accident? Who helped me get away? Who gave me shelter? Who saved my life? All of this is bigger than you think. Over the years, I had enough time to gather information on everything and everyone. Soon I will publish everything. You will not believe your eyes when all of this information comes out. Join my channel and share it with the people you know and care about. Everybody needs to see and hear this. I will go live to explain and expose everything and everyone.

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