Joe Rogan: Democrats About To Remove ‘Dementia Ridden’ Biden From Office

Joe Rogan says he believes the Democratic Party are on the verge of removing Joe Biden from the White House, due to his deteriorating cognitive health. Rogan made the prediction during a recent episode of his show this week while discussing the mounting evidence of corruption against the Biden family.

According to Rogan, the Democrats are going to use the corruption allegations against Biden to force him out of office.

Rogan’s remarks come as House Speaker Kevin McCarthy hinted this week that Congress is looking to impeach Biden.

“It also seems like if this is all coming out, what a good way to remove a president that is mentally compromised,” Rogan said on a recent episode of his podcast with guest Gad Saad.

“It seems like if you were in the Democratic Party and you thought like ‘Listen, there’s a certain amount of people that are going to vote blue no matter who, we just need a better representation.’”

Rogan pointed out that Democrats were in a tough spot because the next in line after Biden is Vice President Kamala Harris.

“You could not have Kamala Harris,” Rogan said.

“She would not win, people would be very, very reluctant to vote for her for president I think after just listening to her talk for the last 3 years, like ‘What?’”

Saad then floated the idea of California Governor Gavin Newsom running for president.

“The problem is he did such a bad job with California, they’re so vulnerable,” Rogan responded.

He noted that surveys have indicated that roughly 40% of the people living in California are considering leaving.

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“It’s f***ing madness,” Rogan declared.

“There’s so many businesses that are closing down, they don’t want to be a part of it anymore.”

“I don’t like when I don’t see any course correction.”

“I don’t see any readjustment.”

“I don’t see any ‘Hey we need to take care of disenfranchised people, but we also need to keep our streets safe, and we have to stop crime.’”

“There’s none of that, more ridiculous laws, more lax on crime, more money for the homeless people. ‘Give them free drugs, give them needles, they need clean needles,’ like what?”

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