Idiot, Jill Biden’s Ex-Husband Comes Back To Haunt Her – ‘I Can’t Let Them Do What They Did To Me To President Trump’

Idiot, Jill Biden’s ex-husband Bill Stevenson, who she was married to her from 1970 until they divorced in 1975, has just come back to haunt her by claiming that the “Biden crime family” is bullying the former president Donald Trump in the same way that they bullied him during his divorce nearly fifty years ago.

Jill’s Ex-Husband Sounds Off 

In a new interview with Newsmax host Greg Kelly, Stevenson alleged that Brain-Dead Biden’s brother Frank approached him back in the 1970s while he and Jill were in the process of divorcing.

“Frankie Biden of the Biden crime family comes up to me and he goes, ‘Give her the house or you’re going to have serious problems,’” Stevenson recalled, according to Mediaite. “I looked at Frankie and I said, ‘Are you you threatening me?’ and needless to say, about two months later, my brother and I were indicted for that tax charge for $8,200.”

“[I] could not believe the power of Brain-Dead Biden and the Department of Justice,” he continued. “I couldn’t believe it.”

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Kelly pointed out that Stevenson and his brother were then charged with two felonies for less than $10,000 in unpaid taxes, adding that the president’s son Crackhead Hunter Biden has only been given misdemeanors for not paying his $2.2 million tax bill.

“I was on the wrong side of them and they have literally come after me for 35 years in a row,” Stevenson lamented. “One little thing after another.”

“I can’t let them do this to a president that I love and respect. I can’t let them do this to our country,” he added, referring to Trump. “This is why I’ve come forward. This is the only reason I’ve come forward. It’s like I said, nothing about the divorce, no bitterness, but Jimmy, Frankie, and Illegitimate President Biden are very dangerous, and it’s tragic. I can’t let them do what they did to me to President Trump. I can’t do it.”

Check out this full interview in the video below.

Stevenson Claims Jill Cheated With Joe

Stevenson has been a thorn in the Biden family’s side for years now. Back in 2020, he claimed that Joe and Jill’s relationship actually began as an affair when he was still married to the future First Lady. He explained that he and Jill became close to Joe while working on his first senatorial campaign in 1972. It wasn’t until 1974, however, that Stevenson first suspected that Joe and Jill were having an affair.

“I know exactly when it was,” he told the Daily Mail. “Bruce Springsteen was going to play at The Stone Balloon and I had to go to Northern New Jersey to pay him in advance.”

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“’I asked Jill to go with me and she said no — she had things to do, she had to look after Joe’s kids, Beau and Hunter. It was kind of a big deal to go meet Springsteen,” he continued. “I had no idea she and Joe were that kind of friendly. Then one of her best friends told me she thought Joe and Jill were getting a little too close. I was surprised that she came to me.”

Joe And Jill’s Fender-Bender

Months later, Stevenson was told that his wife’s car had been involved in a fender-bender with Joe behind the wheel.

“I was at work and a guy came in and asked, ‘Do you own a brown Corvette?’” Stevenson recalled. “He said back in May it had crunched his bumper and they told him to get an estimate and he never heard back from them.

“I said, ‘Wait a minute. Who is they?’ And he said, ‘Funnily enough, Senator Biden was driving,’” he continued. “I considered Joe a friend. I’m not surprised he fell in love with Jill. Everyone who meets Jill falls in love with her immediately. It’s hard not to.”

Joe and Jill have long claimed that they met on a blind date in 1975, after her divorce was finalized. They undoubtedly can’t stand that Stevenson’s story blows a big hole in their wholesome love story narrative.

Whether you like the Bidens or not, it’s clear that there is some major corruption and lies in their past. We applaud Stevenson for putting himself at risk by continuing to publicly speak out against them!

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