Hollywood Director Oliver Stone Slams Joe Biden: ‘I Voted For Him – I Made a Mistake!’

Hollywood director Oliver Stone has admitted he regrets voting for Joe Biden in the 2020 election, warning that the president is dragging the United States into a potential World War III with Russia and China. “I voted for him — I made a mistake!” Stone said in a new interview with Russell Brand.

Stone expressed his voter’s remorse by slamming the Biden administration’s handling of the war in Ukraine.

“This is a potential World War III,” the two-time Oscar-winning director said. “This is the same situation as World War I, in a sense. The stupidity of it — because of the alliances and the fears and the built-up phobias. If we don’t stop this, what Biden is doing, I voted for him — I made a mistake! — thinking that he was an old man now that he would calm down, he’d be more mellow and so forth. I didn’t see that at all.”

Stone added: “I see a man  [Biden] who maybe is not in charge of his own administration. Who knows [if] he’s going to fall down somewhere. It seems that he’s dragging us stupidly into a confrontation with a power that’s not going to give.”

In 2017, Stone interviewed Russian President Vladimir Putin for his four-part Showtime docu-series The Putin Interviews.

Though Stone opposed former President Donald Trump, Stone lashed out at Twitter in 2021 over its decision to censor and ban Trump, declaring the move “shocking” while also criticizing the growing trend toward censorship, which is being carried out by social media companies at the behest of the Biden administration and globalist elite.

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