Fani Willis Makes Huge Mistake, Court May Throw Out Anti-Trump Case before It Starts

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has made such a huge mistake in her case against President Donald Trump that the Georgia court may throw it out before it even gets started. The court’s website briefly posted a document listing several criminal charges against Trump.

The document was then quickly taken down without explanation.

It appears as though Willis’s office may have accidentally posted the document online, putting her entire get-Trump case in jeopardy.

The Grand Jury is meant to be in session until tomorrow.

The document revealed there are over a dozen charges against Trump, including Violating the Georgia RICO Act, Solicitation of Violation of Oath by a Public Officer, and Filing False Documents.

There are also multiple conspiracy charges.

GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy called on Trump to move to have the charges dismissed:

“Here we go again: another disastrous Trump indictment.

“It’s downright pathetic that Fulton County publicly posted the indictment on its website even before the grand jury had finished convening.

“Since the four prosecutions against Trump are using novel & untested legal theories, it’s fair game for him to do the same in defense:

“Immediately file a motion to dismiss for a constitutional due process violation for publicly issuing an indictment before the grand jury had actually signed one.

“He should make a strong argument on these grounds and it would send a powerful message to the ever-expansive prosecutorial police state.

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“As someone who’s running for President against Trump, I’d volunteer to write the amicus brief to the court myself:

“Prosecutors should not be deciding U.S. presidential elections, and if they’re so overzealous that they commit constitutional violations, then the cases should be thrown out and they should be held accountable.”

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