Cane Corso ‘Yelling’ at His Mom Is Too Good To Pass Up

Is there anything more comically adorable than a ‘mouthy’ dog trying to win an argument with their human? A delightful TikTok that’s currently winning the internet showcases a charming Cane Corso named Meatball, who is hilariously ‘yelling’ at his mom as if they’re engaged in an intense debate.

Check out the clip from @cutelittleidiots and be prepared to laugh!

@cutelittleidiots 2.5 months later and were still at a stalemate. 😂 #dogsoftiktok #petsoftiktok #canecorso ♬ original sound – Meatball & Jax 🐾

This is too funny! Most pet parents have experienced moments when their dogs seem unusually talkative. Dogs, like humans, have their unique ways of communicating. While we may not always understand what they’re trying to say, these vocalizations often carry essential cues about their emotions, desires, and general well-being.

Our talkative friend, the Cane Corso in this TikTok, is a perfect example of how some dogs use vocalization to engage with their humans. Some dog breeds are more vocal than others, and Cane Corsos are known for their expressive, almost human-like sounds. This ‘back-talk’ is often a form of them trying to talk, wanting attention, or telling you they need something.

There are a few reasons why dogs might be more vocal. Sometimes, they’re trying to tell you they’re bored and need more physical or mental stimulation. Other times, they might just simply want attention.

But these canine conversations aren’t always about needs or demands. Sometimes, dogs ‘talk’ simply because they enjoy interacting with their human family. In fact, many dogs learn that making certain sounds gets a reaction from their humans, and being the social creatures they are, they continue to ‘talk’ as a form of interaction.

The next time your four-legged friend starts a chat, take a moment to ‘listen.’ It might be their way of asking for a play session, an ask for an extra treat, or maybe, like our Cane Corso friend, a hilarious debate about who’s the boss.

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