BREAKING: House Dems attempt to censor RFK Jr during censorship hearing

Eight Democrats voted to censor RFK Jr. from speaking in the hearing on censorship to which he was invited to speak.

During Thursday’s Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government hearing, Democrat representatives attempted to censor 2024 presidential candidate Robert F Kennedy Jr.

Shortly after Kennedy finished his testimony, Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz requested a vote to censor him, stating that Kennedy violated Hosue Rule 11 Clause 2.

“Mr. Kennedy has repeatedly made despicable antisemitic and anti-Asian comments as recently as last week. Rule 11 Clause 2 says whenever it is asserted by a member of the committee that the evidence or testimony at a hearing may tend to defame, degrade, or incriminate any person or it is asserted by a witness that the evidence or testimony that the witness would give at a hearing may tend to defame, degrade, or incriminate the witness.”

“Mr. Kennedy, among many other things, has said, ‘I know a lot now about bioweapons, we put out hundreds of millions of dollars into ethnically targeted microbes. The Chinese have done the same thing, in fact, Covid-19 there was an argument that it is ethnically targeted,” Wasserman-Schultz said.

She was referring to an article published in the New York Post last week that recounted a dinner with reporters during which Kennedy cited studies that showed black people were more susceptible to the Covid virus, while Ashkenazi Jews and Chinese people were less susceptible. Reporting after the fact conflated the studies he cited with his own views, and Democrats lashed out with typical cries of “racism.” As a result, sitting representatives have sought to prevent him from speaking.

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Kennedy was speaking at the hearing at the invitation of the committee.

“Covid-19 attacks certain races disproportionately, the races that are most immune to Covid-19,” Wasserman-Schultz said before being cut off by Chairman Jim Jordan.

“Gentlelady making a motion or a speech?” he asked.

Wasserman-Schultz asked that a motion be considered to move into executive session, while another member moved to table the motion. A tally was conducted, resulting in 10 for tabling the motion and 8 against.

During the vote, Delegate for the US Virgin Islands Stacey Plaskett said, “No, I want to follow the rules that the Republicans made at the beginning of this conference with these house rules, so no.”

Plaskett also raised issue with the clock stating that Kennedy had 10 minutes to speak instead of the usually allotted five minutes, to which Jordan stated that Kennedy would be given five minutes but “we’re pretty lax with this.

“We are?” Plaskett asked, adding that she has seen Jordan “gavel down on a number of witnesses.”

After further back and forth between the two, Jordan told Plaskett “If you want to cut [Kennedy] off and censor him some more, you’re welcome to do it.”

Wasserman-Schultz said during the vote, “No to allowing a witness to degrade and defame others” which “violates the rules, and not have his testimony and degradation and amplified rather than give an executive session.”

“I am being censored through this target, through smears, through misinterpretation, through lies, through association,” Kennedy said.

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