Bill Gates: People Who Resist ‘mRNA Tsunami’ Will Be Excluded From Society

Experimental mRNA jabs are set to replace all of our medicines, according to Bill Gates and the globalist elite, who are warning that we will be forced to take hundreds of mRNA jabs every year if we wish to participate in society.

Despite the legions of people who have died suddenly or suffered devastating health consequences, Bill Gates and the globalists are touting the mRNA Covid jabs as a huge success.

According to Big Pharma executives “there is a coming tsunami of mRNA medicines” including for heart disease and cancer, which just so happen to be the two main problems caused by mRNA jabs in the first place.

Join us as we expose those responsible for this crime against humanity and help us spread the word so their wicked plans do not come to fruition.

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Instead of being hauled before international tribunal for crimes against humanity, the globalist elite are lording it over the masses, boasting that the lockdowns, face masks, and forced jabs of Covid was just the beginning.

Anthony Fauci emerged from the shadows this week to declare that unvaccinated people must be locked down this winter.

During an appearance at Georgetown University, Fauci made it clear that he supports locking down and punishing those in society who are not yet vaccinated.

Big Pharma executives are singing from the same hymn sheet, declaring that anybody who dares to refuse their mRNA jabs in future should be punished by exclusion from society.

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And in case you were wondering, Big Pharma have literally hundreds – yes hundreds – of different mRNA jabs on the production line right now.

“There is a coming tsunami of mRNA medicines,” according to Melissa J. Moore, Moderna’s chief scientific officer. Watch:

If that wasn’t disturbing enough, Moderna’s chief scientific officer also boasted that Big Pharma will soon be injecting mRNA straight into people’s hearts. Yes, she’s talking about the same hearts that were healthy until the vaccine roll out caused millions of people all over the world, including fit and healthy young people and elite athletes, to keel over with heart problems.

And don’t worry about the millions of cases of turbo cancer caused by mRNA around the world. Big Pharma have an answer for that too. That’s right, more mRNA.

That’s right, the elite are now admitting they created the experimental jab in one hour, and trying to convince the masses that is something to be proud of.

We really are living in Orwell’s world now. War is peace. Ignorance is strength. Pedophilia is normal. And vaccines created in one hour are nothing to be worried about.

Make no mistake, the global elite are licking their lips about the hundreds of mRNA vaccines in the pipeline. At this year’s Davos summit, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair boasted that the “slew of new injectables and vaccines” will give the WEF the opportunity to change the world.

Watch as the notorious globalist struggles to maintain a straight face while promising the new injectables will be for the world’s benefit.

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The elites weren’t counting on humanity waking up to their evil agenda.

As soon as it became clear that a significant percentage of the population was too smart to get vaccinated, they had to work on cunning alternatives schemes to force their jabs on us.

Reporting on the globalist elite is a full time job because, as the Bible tells us, wicked doesn’t sleep.

Take Bill Gates as a case in point. Rather than admitting that humanity has woken up to the truth about the disastrous Covid-19 jabs, Gates, who is not a doctor, is doubling down and taking it upon himself to vaccinate the world by stealth.

According to the billionaire eugenicist, farm animals including cows, pigs and chickens have inadequate genetics. And the only way to “fix” those genetics is to “vaccinate” every farm animal in the world with new mRNA vaccines that will find their way onto your family’s dinner plates.

That’s right, Bill Gates, American’s largest owner of farmland, has boasted that he is slipping mRNA into the food supply.

World Economic Forum-infiltrated countries like Australia are signing up to Bill Gates new scheme, desperate to force-jab the non-compliant in their country.

But Gates isn’t resting on his laurels. His laser-like focus to vaccinate the entire world, whether they comply or not, has also led to him investing hundreds of millions of dollars in genetically modified mosquitoes designed to operate as “flying vaccinators.”

And if this sounds far-fetched, you should be aware that the NIH is already vaccinating humans using Gates’ mosquitoes.

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According to Robert F. Kennedy Jr., anyone who is prepared to allow Bill Gates to dictate world and US health policy should take a long, hard look at his record in Africa.

“Perhaps millions of children have died unnecessarily,” according Kennedy Jr., who shared information from a peer-reviewed publication in a respected journal.

“Anyone defending Bill Gates & WHO needs to explain Morgensen et al 2017.“

“This is a peer-reviewed publication in a respected journal by leading scientists describing outcomes akin to genocide,” said Kennedy Jr.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. also slammed Gates and his “messianic conviction that he is ordained to save the world with technology.”

Speaking of false messiahs, the World Economic Forum let slip that they are hatching plans to vaccinate us through the water supply.

We can’t allow these globalists and Biotech companies to get away with murder. Given that we know the elite are determined to depopulate the world, it’s time to draw a line in the sand.

As Kennedy Jr stated, this is starting to look unmistakably like genocide.

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