Bill Gates Declares Everyone on Earth Must Prove Their Identity Using His ‘Global Digital ID System’

Globalist billionaire Bill Gates has demanded nations of the world adopt his “global solution” for “digital ID” to force every single person on Earth to join his “global digital ID system.” In a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, Gates complained that there are hundreds of millions of people still left in the world who “lack ID that proves their identity.”

According to Gates, the Modular Open-Source Identification Platform (MOSIP) is a “global solution” for rolling out digital IDs for the entire human race.

Gates describes MOSIP as an “inclusive approach” to a “global digital ID system” that serves as “a formidable solution” for “dismantling the barriers” for people millions of people around the world who don’t have suitable identification.

The billionaire’s advocacy comes as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has just pumped another $10 million into MOSIP.

Gates’ organization has joined forces with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals to promote and advance the globalist technology.

The Gates Foundation’s aim seems to focus on propelling a universal digital identification framework.

Gates, the UN, and MOSIP appear to be pitching the technology for use in low to middle-income economies but planning to roll it out worldwide.

Critics of Gates’ globalist approach are raising the alarm about how a global digital ID system would exclude people from society if they refuse to comply with the technology, or are blocked from using it.

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The system appears to be inspired by China’s social credit score system and modeled after India’s controversial state digital ID (Aadhaar) system which was rolled out in 2009.

In China, where digital ID is a requirement for travel, online access, managing personal finances, and even buying food, the system locks people out of society for failing to comply with the government’s rules.

If Gates’ global ID is rolled out in the US, the globalist blueprint for society will be complete and we will be forced to comply with their rules – or else.

If a person “misgenders” someone on social media, could they be blocked from using public transport, for example?

As The People’s Voice has reported, globalist organizations such as the World Economic Forum (WEF) have long been touting the “benefits” of controlling the public with “cashless societies” and digital ID.

The United Nations is even calling for digital IDs to be directly linked to individuals’ bank accounts.

Meanwhile, the WEF has just partnered with a leading biometrics company to advance its own agenda to digitize humanity.

Swedish biometrics company Fingerprint Cards has taken a big step into the WEF’s New Champions Community, an assembly of mid-sized enterprises.

The WEF is keen to promote biometric forms of digital ID and claims the technology would serve as a steward of “social inclusion.”

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