Big Pharma Insider Testifies COVID Jabs Are ‘Military Bioweapons’ Developed by DoD

The Covid-19 vaccines were secretly developed by the US Department of Defence (DoD) and handed over to major Big Pharma companies to distribute to the public, according to a Big Pharma insider who has testified that the pharmaceutical industry’s main role in the ‘pandemic’ has been to provide cover for a massive bio-terrorism program.

According to Sasha Latypova, a former pharmaceutical research and development executive, she personally witnessed that the strong safety surveillance signals of the new Covid-19 vaccines being registered in the US Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) were not triggering the automatic stop & recall mechanism, and the relevant regulatory bodies were showing no concern.

The Light reports: To illustrate her point, she explains that in January of 2021, an unusual number of allergic reactions were flagged up in California, following the administration of the Moderna product. In any normal safety surveillance system, lots are tracked by their numbers, and if a clustering of problems or deaths occurs with certain batches, these are immediately recalled for analysis. This is automatic and is done by the manufacturers, in the same way as for car parts or food products.

Instead, in this instance, the lots in question were simply distributed more widely, causing sixty-five deaths and three thousand serious adverse events. Latypova explains that once a safety signal is flagged up and no recall action is forthcoming, law enforcement is normally triggered and prosecution of those responsible follows.

She emphasizes, however, that we are not dealing with straightforward pharmaceutical corruption. The fraud which confronts us is all-encompassing because at its center is the government, through the Department of Defense (DoD), with the complicity of the pharmaceutical industry.

The pharmaceutical industry’s main role in the project has been to provide cover for what is a military bioterrorism program. They went through the motions of conducting animal studies and clinical trials of the ‘covid-19 vaccines’, and of submitting applications for drug approval to the corresponding regulators in each jurisdiction.

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All this was entirely for the benefit of the public because regulators of medicines and medical devices have no authority over the distribution of these injectibles, which are classed as military ‘counter-measures’. They are passed off as pharmaceutical vaccines because no one would take a substance from a vial with a DoD label marked ‘prototype’. According to Latypova, they are also described in government documents as dual-use (military and civilian) biological weapons. Latypova explains that the entire logistical operation of development, procurement, production, and distribution is run by the U.S. DoD. They farm out the manufacturing to hundreds of separate military contractors all over the world, and there are dozens of production steps, each implemented by a facility that fulfills a single process in the chain.

Substances are shipped internationally from one place to another, where workers have no idea what the materials they receive contain. They are simply instructed to mix them and ship the product to the next location. So the normal requisites of quality control procedures which take place at a plant at the various stages of production, to test for contaminants and ensure consistency, as well as the in-spections to certify good manufacturing practices, are completely absent.

Largely inexperienced operatives, untrained in the proper procedures for the manufacture of pharmaceutical products pose little threat of whistle-blowing. It is a compartmentalized operation under military control. The result is billions of vials of biological materials of unknown composition all over the world. Some may be blanks; some may be extremely toxic.

Once we correct the false assumption that the injectables are pharmaceuticals regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and by the corresponding regulators of health products in other countries, some pieces of the puzzle start falling into place. We cease wondering why the ‘safe and effective’ mantra is robotically repeated by those supposedly responsible for regulating and monitoring drug safety, in the face of overwhelming evidence of harm. It is because the approval process was a sham and the regulators have no power over the product.

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European Medicines Agency (EMA) email communications examined by Latypova revealed that their reviewers raised 140 objections against Conditional Marketing Approval. She explains that ten to fifteen objections would ordinarily be sufficient to halt an approval. Notwithstanding, a fortnight later, the products were shipped internationally, breaking every rule.

On the one hand, the injectables are being sold to the public as ‘health products’, while in fact being placed in a completely different category, referred to in the documentation as ‘prototypes’ or ‘counter-measures’. The mechanism allows the Pentagon to hide whatever it is doing in total secrecy and avoid any federal accounting rules. This is significant because the DoD has an annual budget in excess of $800 billion, enabling it to extend its tentacles around the world in ‘black box’ conditions – untraceable and unaccountable.

Latypova has teamed up with legal researcher Katherine Watt to share her documented evidence, as has Brook Jackson who brought a case in January 2021 against Pfizer and others under the False Claims Act, for falsifying statements and manipulating data, in breach of their own protocol and federal regulations.

Pfizer, in April 2022, moved to have the case dismissed on the basis the products were not vaccines but DoD prototypes, and they were never obligated to prove safety or efficacy. In October 2022, the U.S. government filed a statement of interest in support of Pfizer’s motion to dismiss, thus endorsing this characterization.

Katherine Watt is working to assemble the package of evidence of manufacturing and distribution crimes perpetrated by the military, and clinical-trial fraud crimes perpetrated by Pfizer, to build cases through the few remaining channels of civil access points.

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From the civil cases, she hopes to create a bridge to criminal cases based on laws prohibiting chemical and bioterrorism, with the ultimate aim of progressing to treason charges against the members of Congress, Presidents, and Cabinet Secretaries responsible for enabling the illegitimate moves which have led to what Latypova describes as: ‘the best-documented atrocity, as far as deaths and injuries are concerned, in human history.’


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