Schools In Kentucky & Texas Close Due To ‘Surge’ Of ‘Covid’ Cases

Schools in Kentucky and Texas have been closed due to a so-called “surge” in Covid cases in the area. The Lee County School District and Magoffin County Schools say that they have cancelled classes because of “widespread illness.”

Scott Lockard, public health director for the Kentucky River District, which includes Lee County, told ABC News: “We’re seeing a lot of illness being reported consistent with COVID and influenza”

“Lee County had a surge of cases and attendance dropped below the threshold needed to stay open, so they closed.”

He said there’d been an uptick in positive Covid cases but the true number of infections may be higher due to at-home test results not being reported to the health department.

He said “Stay home when you’re sick” adding “Previously it was a seen as a badge of courage, ‘Oh I haven’t missed a day of work in 40 years. I went to work sick.’ We don’t want to see people saying that. We want, ‘I had symptoms, so I stayed home because I’m considerate of my coworkers.’”

InfoWars reports: Pete Shepherd, director of Magoffin County’s Public Health Department, acknowledged that the 40 or so COVID cases have “not been as severe.”

“The good news is the symptoms have not been as severe,” Shepherd said. “The kids are not as sick. Small temperature, feeling bad, flu-like symptoms.”

The Runge Independent School District in South Texas announced Monday its schools would close from Aug. 22-29, despite the data showing a COVID “positivity rate” of only 4.2%.

From Infowars’ Adan Salazar:

On Monday, Runge Independent School District Superintendent Hector O. Dominguez Jr. declared the school would close from Tuesday, Aug. 22 through Tuesday, Aug. 29, citing a “recent surge of positive COVID-19 cases within our district.”

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“The safety and wellbeing of our students, staff and community is a top priority,” Dominguez wrote in the letter.

ABC affiliate KENS5 reports the school closure at the small district, situated 70 miles southeast of San Antonio and serving 195 students, comes despite the school’s “Covid tracker” only showing a “positivity rate” of 4.2%, while only 10 out of 43 faculty members have actually tested positive for the infection.

The district shut down is only a harbinger of things to come if predictions put forth just last week by Alex Jones come to fruition.

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