Biden’s New CDC Chief Pushes Annual Covid Jabs

The new CDC chief Dr. Mandy Cohen has declared that the Covid ‘vaccines’ are expected to become annual like just the flu shots. Cohen has already been blasted over her support for strict mandates and lockdowns during the pandemic and Dr. Peter McCullough has warned that “Cohen appears to be fully entrenched in the ‘bio-pharmaceutical complex’”.

Some critics have also questioned her ties to the Gates Foundation and World Economic Forum.

Meanwhile Cohen’s latest announcement has prompted some to point out that they were suspended from social media for predicting the same thing two years ago.

Summit News reports: Cohen, who become CDC Director at the start of the month told Spectrum News, “We’re just on the precipice of that, so I don’t want to get ahead of where our scientists are here and doing that evaluation work, but yes we anticipate that COVID will become similar to flu shots, where it is going to be you get your annual flu shot, and you get your annual COVID shot.”

“We’re not quite there yet, but stay tuned,” she continued, adding “I think within the next couple of weeks, month we’re going to hear more from our experts on COVID shots.”

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One Twitter user noted that he was kicked off the platform in 2021 for suggesting this would happen.

Cohen aggressively pushed for COVID restrictions while working as the top health official for North Carolina. She also seemed to find it funny that America was locked down:

At the time she also repeated the lie that COVID vaccines prevent transmission and infection:


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