Russian Army Crushes Kiev Forces In Multiple Directions (Videos)

The Russian military repelled another wave of Ukrainian attacks and inflicted more losses on Kiev forces in multiple directions on July 28 and 29. In the directions of Lisichansk, Soledaro-Artemovsk and Maryinsky, the Russian Yug Group of Forces repelled several attacks. The group’s attack helicopters also targeted Ukrainian units in the Kleshcheevka area.

In addition, 2S7 Pion heavy self-propelled howitzers of the group targeted five firing positions of Kiev forces near Dyleevka and Belaya Gora. Moreover, the group attacked Ukrainian infantry and vehicles in the Andreevka direction with FPV suicide drones.

The group’s artillery also destroyed two D-30 towed howitzers near Toretsk and Maryinka as well as two mortars in Krasnogorovka. In the same area, artillery strikes destroyed an ammunition depot of Ukraine’s 110th Separate Mechanized Brigade along with two trucks which were loaded with ammunition.

In the Kherson direction, the Russian Dnepr Group of Forces targeted Ukrainian gatherings near Antonovka, Shirokaya Balka and Pridneprovskoye. Two mortars, several vehicles and a number of personnel were neutralized.

Furthermore, the group uncovered and targeted a gathering of Kiev forces near Sadovoye. It also destroyed a reconnaissance and sabotage post there.

Meanwhile, a video of a recent battle in the Novodarovka direction surfaced online. The video shows a single Russian tank engaging an entire convoy of Kiev forces made up of two tanks and five armored vehicles. The tank managed to destroy or damage most of the convoy.

Other new videos show the destruction of four Ukrainian tank, an infantry fighting vehicle and two armored personnel carriers with Lancet loitering munitions, FPV suicide drones and Krasnopol preicsion-guided artillery shells.

With the end of the eighth week of Ukraine’s counteroffensive not much has changed. Kiev forces continue to sustain heavy human and material losses without making any meaningful gains in any direction. The Russian military is still the dominant force in the battlefield.

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