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Biden Tries to Blame Trump for Catastrophic Failure, Fails Miserably

The Biden administration is trying to blame President Donald Trump for its catastrophic failure of running out of ammunition.

Democrat President Joe Biden’s administration also revealed that they would not replenish the stockpile of cluster bombs.

The U.S. was forced to send the controversial munitions to Ukraine after the Biden admin ran out of ammo.

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said: “Well, when we came into office we found that the overall stock for 155 mm ammunition was relatively low, but more importantly we discovered that the ability to mass produce that ammunition would take not weeks but years.

“We began that process months ago was we anticipated the need for continuing supply Ukraine, but it takes time and that is why we need a bridge from today..

“We need to ensure that Ukraine has the necessary supply of ammunition to a few months down the road.

“We believe we can supply enough of the unitary round to meet Ukraine’s defense needs.

“Our moral authority and Ukraine’s moral authority in this conflict comes from the fact that we are supporting a country under brutal, vicious attack by its neighbor with missiles and bombs raining down in its cities, killing its civilians, destroying its schools, it’s churches, its hospitals,” he said about sending the cluster munitions.

“Our current plan is not to replenish that stockpile,” Sullivan added.

“It is rather to build up the capacity to produce the unitary round of the 155, the non-cluster munition round of ammunition.

“The idea that providing Ukraine with a weapon in order for them to be able to defend their homeland, protect their civilians is somehow a challenge for moral authority I find questionable,” he added about the backlash the admin has received over sending the cluster bombs.

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