Who Is Sunshine Girl Chiv?

We’re going to discuss the Sunshine Girl in this article because so many people are looking it up online. Sunshine Girl is a term used to describe pinup females who appear in the majority of Canadian Sun daily newspapers. These pinup girls are well known for their stunning looks and frequently pose in skimpy or revealing clothing. With its visually appealing material, the Sunshine Girl section has been a long-standing custom in the Sun chain of newspapers. These pinup beauties have become famous icons that represent the spirit of summer and radiance because they not only exhibit beauty but also confidence and charm. With their beauty and charm, The Sunshine Girl has become a well-known and enduring tradition in Canadian newspapers.

Who Is Sunshine Girl Chiv?

The Toronto Sun, which debuted in 1971 and was modelled after British tabloids with comparably featured ladies, is where the feature first appeared. The Sunshine Girls have never been captured in a topless pose, despite the British tabloids’ 1970 introduction of such images. The models, actors, or athletes in the pictures are mostly feminine and dressed up or in swimsuits. Although the feature has been generally published in colour since the 1990s, it was previously alternately published in colour and in black and white, and it was only available in black and white during the 1970s and the early 1980s.


The Sunshine Girl, who was frequently featured on page 3 of the Sun throughout the 1990s, relocated to the back page of the sports section in the early 2000s. In some editions of The Sun, but not all, the Sunshine Girl was reinstated to page 3 in 2011, and two distinct images of the same Sunshine Girl are published every day. Amanda Coetzer, Ann Rohmer, Trish Stratus, Stacy Keibler, and Krista Erickson (an anchor for the Sun News Network who made an appearance on the day of the network’s 2011 debut) are some well-known former SUNshine girls.

The websites of the Sun newspapers publish additional pictures of the day’s Sunshine Girl as well as behind-the-scenes films of particular models every day. The Sun Group creates and sells a calendar with a selection of Sunshine Girls at least twice every year. The Girls who are chosen for the calendar are often chosen through online and mail-in voting by the general public. SUNshine Girl Chiv has returned from her 2017 photoshoot. Chiv is a driven woman with a love of avant-garde attire. She holds a Masters’s in Business, is a sophisticated fashionista, and has started mediating disputes.

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