WEF Demands Americans Accept Regular Electrical Grid Blackouts To ‘Fight Climate Change’

Americans must become accustomed to living with regular and widespread electrical grid blackouts across the US for the “greater good” of “solving the climate crisis,” according to Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum. The news comes as unelected globalist bodies, including the WEF, UN, and World Health Organization (WHO), continue to aggressively push their radical green agenda onto sovereign nations.

As we’ve seen repeatedly, “fighting global warming” involves stripping the taxpaying public of their rights and slashing their quality of life by pushing false claims of an alleged “climate crisis.”

The WEF, which has ordered mainstream media outlets to begin pushing the narrative, wants to ensure American citizens endure at least two nights per week without access to electricity – regardless of the dangers inherent in such a plan.

The Los Angeles Times, which is always at the forefront of pushing the globalist agenda, has thrown their weight behind the WEF plan, arguing that it would be “easier and less expensive to fight climate change” if the American public would “be willing to live with” blackouts.

In the LA Times article, writer Sammy Roth questioned what is more critical, “Keeping the lights on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, or solving the climate crisis?”

The push from the corporate media outlet aligns with the radical green agenda goals of Democrat President Joe Biden’s administration.

Led by jet-setting climate czar John Kerry, the Biden admin has been advocating the globalist goals of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the United Nations (UN) to supposedly “fight global warming.”

On the first day of his presidency, Biden signed sweeping anti-energy independence executive orders to further advance the globalists’ green agenda.

The move has seen gas and energy prices soar while also disrupting the food supply.

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Kerry has followed up by launching an attack against the agriculture industry to allegedly “fight emissions” produced by food production.

As The People’s Voice reported, the United States is one of 13 major nations to sign an international agreement to crack down on farming, and John Kerry has admitted government farm seizures are “not off the table.”

The calls come as climate activists push for power plants to be shut down in California.

Experts have long been warning that California’s electric grid faces years of potential blackouts and failure as state leaders continue pushing aggressive measures to transition to renewable energy sources.

The state’s grid, which is still mainly powered by fossil fuels, is shifting significantly from natural gas and coal to unreliable renewable power like wind and solar.

As part of his research, LA Times reporter Sammy Roth asked Twitter users whether society could start cutting gas sooner.

He argued that they could save money by “accepting a few more blackouts” over the next several years.

“Of the hundreds of people who responded to my question, most rejected the idea that more power outages are even remotely acceptable — for reasons beyond mere convenience,” Roth admitted.

For example, a former member of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s board of commissioners, Aura Vasquez, told Roth that “someone dies every time we have a power outage.”

Similarly, John Moura, director of reliability assessment and performance analysis at North American Electric Reliability Corp., said blackouts are “not really about keeping the light on.”

“It’s about keeping people alive,” he said.

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Despite these concerns, Roth said he has increasingly concluded that “solving climate issues” will “require sacrifices” to provide for “the greater good.”

Such sacrifices, he hypothesized, could include driving less, eating less meat, accepting large-scale solar farms that will destroy some wildlife habitat, and eating the cost of expensive rooftop paneling.

Following the widespread pushback on social media, Roth argued that “we might not have a choice” when it comes to “learning to live with more power outages.”

Many social media users ridiculed the piece for considering the idea of orchestrated blackouts to fight “climate change.”

Rebutting the train of thought, media strategist and journalist Gabriella Hoffman wrote, “Ironically, it is actually net-zero policies – or decarbonization pushes – that lead to grid instability, energy insecurity, and blackouts.”

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