WATCH: RFK Jr. On Ukraine: ‘The U.S. Wanted This War’

Bobby Kennedy Jr. recently voiced his perspective on the Ukraine conflict, alleging that the United States played a pivotal role in instigating the war.

During a recent interview, Kennedy started, “We didn’t need to have that war… we forced Ukraine into that war.”

He implied that the U.S.’s interference might have escalated tensions rather than resolved them. Kennedy was candid in his belief, stating, “We should have just minded our business.”

He further delved into the Minsk Accords, which were signed to bring peace to the Ukraine crisis. “They had already signed a peace treaty. Zelensky ran, got 70% of the votes saying that he was going to sign it. It left all of Ukraine intact. It just protected the Russian ethnic Russians.” Kennedy explained.

However, he suggested that subsequent U.S. actions possibly undermined this peace initiative. Referring to the events of April 2022, when Russia had a limited military intervention in Ukraine, Kennedy remarked that the Russians had a genuine interest in peace negotiations. He implied that international interference, including from former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, might have derailed these efforts.

Kennedy shared a personal connection to the conflict, revealing, “My son went over there and fought because he’s idealistic.”

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Kennedy concluded by challenging the popular narrative surrounding the war. He suggested that the primary U.S. motive wasn’t entirely defensive or humanitarian. Citing a statement by U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, Kennedy contended that the U.S. aimed to “exhaust the Russian army and degrade its capacity to fight anywhere else in the world.”


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