Unknown Force Purportedly Torches Secret Raytheon-DARPA Warehouse in Tucson

An unknown force purportedly demolished a joint Raytheon-DARPA clandestine weapons plant at Raytheon’s campus in Tucson, Arizona, Wednesday night, according to a U.S. Army Cyber Command specialists who intercepted a telephone conversation between an unidentified party at the location and Assistant Secretary of Defense for Sustainment Christopher Lowman, a Biden disciple.

On the call, which took place at 6:00 a.m. Thursday, the unidentified Raytheon employee, speaking frenetically, informed Lowman that intruders had defeated security, slain six security guards, and destroyed invaluable, irreplaceable hardware stored in a Raytheon-DARPA warehouse in southeast Tucson. He told Lowman the damage was “catastrophic” and that he had already informed Raytheon CEO Gregory Hayes and DARPA Director Stefanie Tompkins of the attack. In what might have been an injudicious slip of the tongue, Lowman asked whether data on the “camouflaged unmanned aerial assault program” had been stolen from the warehouse. The Raytheon employee said time would tell and disconnected the call.

Sources at ARCYBER and Gen. Smith’s office told Real Raw News the incursion was not a White Hat operation, nor had they any knowledge of a secret weapons program taking place at the Tucson warehouse prior to hearing the call.

“At this point, we haven’t independently verified the event happened. All we have is the phone call, and we know the warehouse is intact,” our source said.

He pointed out, however, that thermite-based incendiary systems can be attenuated to completely incinerate a building’s contents without setting the structure ablaze, depending on its construction and the potency of demolitions. White Hats, in fact, employed a similar technique to destroy a DEW plane at Wright Patterson AFB in March.

“If it really went down as the call suggests, and that’s something we’re investigating right now, there’s a dozen ways that place could’ve been scorched on just the inside. DARPA and Raytheon have sordid history, so nothing’s impossible. Assuming the call wasn’t a ruse to draw us into some vile trap, the question is, who did it? Naturally, all eyes turn to Col. Kurtz. He’s claimed to be privy to intel we don’t have. But we haven’t heard a peep from him since he met with Gen. Smith,” our source in Gen. Smith’s office said.

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Real Raw News will update this article with more info as it becomes available.

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