Trump: ‘I Believe We Have a Compromised President… He’s a Manchurian Candidate’

Former President Donald Trump vowed “justice will be done” and the Biden crime family will held accountable for the tens of millions of dollars that poured into their accounts from foreign countries while “Crooked Joe” was vice-president.

Trump pointed to a recent Oversight panel report that officially revealed the Biden family and its allies raked in over $20 million from shady overseas sources.

“What were they doing getting all of this money?” Trump exclaimed. “I believe we have a compromised president. He was bribed and now he’s being blackmailed. He’s a Manchurian Candidate.”

NYPost reports: While blasting the mounting legal complications in his path to the presidency one day after his most recent indictment, Trump claimed President Biden and the “Biden crime family will pay a price” for their misdeeds.

“As soon as I am reelected, I will appoint a real special counsel or maybe you’ll call it a special prosecutor … to look at all of these bribes kickbacks, crimes as well as the shameless attempt to cover up,” Trump pledged. “Justice will be done.”

Back in the 2016 election cycle during the second debate, Trump similarly vowed to appoint a “special prosecutor” to examine Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server.

Ultimately, he never pursued that option as president.

President Biden already has a special counsel — Robert Hur — tasked with investigating his retention of classified documents.

The 77-year-old former president also laid out a litany of accusations, alleging President Biden was allowing China and other countries to “walk all over” the US.

He also dismissed Weiss’s recent elevation to special counsel as a ploy to “block further investigation.”

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“It’s the very same US attorney who cut Hunter Biden the scandalous plea deal. That was such a scam,” Trump added.

Weiss was appointed under Trump’s administration, but the former president stressed he didn’t select Weiss and that his appointment came under the blue slip process in which senators from a given state support a judicial nominee.

Trump’s pitch for a special counsel against the Bidens comes one day after Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis lodged a 13-count indictment against him and charged 18 of his allies as well for alleged Georgia 2020 election tampering.

The former president has denied wrongdoing in all pending cases against him.

He is also facing a 40 (up from 37) count indictment for alleged retention of classified documents, four counts for the alleged 2020 election subversion case, and a 34-count indictment out of Manhattan over alleged hush money payments.

“They’re trying to step in my way at every path, because the one person they don’t want to run is Donald Trump,” he said.

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